7 Maoists arrested in Jharkhand


Seven Maoists, including six operatives of Tritiya Prastuti Committee, have been arrested from Jharkhand`s Ramgarh district.

They were carrying out tasks as directed by a leader, Kabir, when they were nabbed by the police. 315 bore bullets and four mobile phones were recovered on Tuesday.
A group of young Naxals along with senior operative Rohit Manjhi was arrested in Bokaro.

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“These people were guerrillas. Rohit Manjhi was arrested. Based on the information provided by him, 62 7.26mm SLR rifles and 2 AK-47s were recovered,” said Superindent of Police, Bokaro, Vijayalakshmi, adding that more weapons were recovered later, based on the information given by Manjhi.


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