61.3% respondents don’t trust Rahul Gandhi on national security issue: IANS-CVoter poll after Galwan Valley occupation by China


A poll by news agency IANS and CVoter has claimed that 61.3% of people who took part in its survey did not trust Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on matters of national security. Only 39% of respondents said that they trusted the Congress MP.

Rahul Gandhi

Janta Ka Reporter is not in a position to authenticate the claims of the survey.

The ‘poll’ also gave overwhelming popularity to the government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It said that 73.6% of those who took part in the poll trusted the government more than the opposition on matters of national security. Only 16.7% said that they trusted the opposition parties.

More than 68% of respondents to the IANS-CVoter poll said that they perceived China to be the bigger enemy for India than Pakistan adding that Beijing must be taught a lesson for its recent military transgressions in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh. 20 Indian soldiers including a colonel rank officer were killed by the Chinese army.

The Chinese army had also captured 10 more Indian soldiers including two Majors who it released many days later after intense negotiations.

Rahul Gandhi has been launching a sustained attack on the failure of the Modi government. In one of his recent tweets, Rahul had called Modi ‘Surender Modi’ to highlight the weak nature of the Indian government. In his recent attack on the Modi government, Rahul wrote, “China took our land. India is negotiating to get it back. China says it’s not Indian land. PM has publicly supported China’s claim. Why is PM backing China and not India and our army?”

A recent report had said that Prime Minister Modi’s speech giving a clean chit to China had earned plenty of plaudits from the Chinese media.


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