Shocker from arrogant Tamil Nadu sports minister, gives public dressing down to female athlete


Amidst never-ending debates on why our athletes always fail to perform satisfactorily at the international level, a shocker has come from Tamil Nadu’s sports minister S Sundararaj.

A video of Sundararaj chiding a young female athlete for not performing despite ‘our government’ going out-of-the-way to provide Rs 900 worth shoes has gone viral.

In the short video, Sundararaj is seen giving public dressing down to the young athlete in Tamil.

He says, “We spend 900 rupess for a shoe for you. Now do you know what is the price of this dress? We give you dress, shoe & spend Rs 250 for your food &even then if you don’t win a medal,what is use of it?”

The minister’s behaviour, which many would term utterly insensitive and tad arrogant, comes in sharp contrast with how young talents are groomed in other countries particularly in neighbouring China.

One of the reasons why Chinese athletes have been excelling in international sporting competitions including the summer Olympics is the State’s determination to provide the best facilities to its budding talents from a very early age.

Such behaviour would be unthinkable in China. This explains why China has been steadily increasing its over-all medal tallies in Olympics, while in India, the nation goes in celebration mode even with just a few medals.

(Video courtesy: ANI)


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