Delhi govt ‘takes dim view’ of doctored videos, considers criminal action against TV channels


Delhi government is considering to file criminal cases against certain TV channels for airing ‘doctored’ videos of the JNU students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar.

Reliable sources told that the revelation in the forensic report had left the government ‘utterly shocked.’

On Tuesday, we had reported how a lab in Hyderabad had revealed that two of the seven videos were doctored to falsely implicate Kanhaiya Kumar under sedition charges.

One such doctored video was reportedly sourced from the twitter account of former aide of Union HRD Minister, Smriti Irani.

Irani’s aide, Shilpi Tiwari, had first deleted her twitter account only to restore it few hours later.

Kanhaiya was later granted an interim bail for six months by Delhi High Court.

Sources in Delhi government said, ” Arvind Kejriwal government takes dim view of irresponsible behaviour by certain TV channels. It’s time they are punished and punished hard. Their action to shamelessly divide the country along religious lines was despicable. Our government will not allow such situation to be created in Delhi.”

The source, however, did not specify the names of the channels the government planned to file criminal case against.

“You know the usual suspects. Why ask us?” said the source.



  1. Why did AAP govt sent JNU videos to an unaccredited private lab in Hyderabad named Truth Labs instead of CFSL? Truth Lab is an Unaccredited private shop run by #AK420’s friends who have doctored results before. You can check to see it isn’t even certified by NABL.

  2. Hahah. Did that anarchist Kejriwal have the balls to prosecute media Channel. Go ahead man. Indian media will teach that anarchist a lesson.


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