Catch News fires former Tehelka editor Shoma Chadhury as editor-in-chief


Former Tehelka editor, Shoma Chaudhury, has gone public with news on her sacking by Rajasthan Patrika Limited.

Shoma, who joined the group to launch its website Catch News, issued an all-staff statement informing them how she was abruptly asked to stop coming to office from Monday (today) without any reason.

One source told, “She was asked to leave. No reasons given. That’s all any of us know.”

Here’s the full transcript of her email to staff;

Dear all

It’s seven months since we started Catch and I’m very proud of the media platform we’ve collectively created. One of the greatest pleasures of this time has been to work with a wonderful, young, high-calibre team like you. A lot has been achieved. Yet, we’re only at the beginning of what I’d hoped would be a very fulfilling journey together.

The adrenalin of creating Catch was to push the boundaries; find ways to marry old values of journalism with new modes of story-telling; break the usual silos. There are so many ideas still waiting to be set into motion; stands to be taken; stories to be done.

However, I’m writing to tell you with great regret, it seems I will no longer be able to lead the team or share that journey with you.

In a completely unexpected development, on 27 February, I was called to Jaipur by the director of finance and told that, since Catch has now been successfully created and stabilized, Patrika no longer wants to keep me on as its editor-in-chief. I was asked to stop coming to work from Monday, 29 February.

To say I am stunned by this arbitrary behavior would be an understatement. Catch was not a functioning institution I walked into: it is something I helped create from scratch. To be abruptly divorced from it like this seems a real injustice, to say the least.

Financially, Catch belongs to Patrika. Terminating a contract is their prerogative. However, I would like to address the team at 4 pm today.

Despite the usual ups and downs of proprietor-editor dynamics, I’ve had very cordial dealings with Patrika, Siddharth, Nihar and their families and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me to create something I’m proud of. I am, therefore, doubly saddened and shocked by this.

You’ve been an energizing, inspiring, livewire team to work with. You have incredible potential. I sincerely hope Patrika will back that all the way.

I know this will come as a shock to all of you. As it has been for me. I wish it was otherwise.





  1. good job, Rajasthan & Catch. this is an anti-Hindu commie reporter who tried to cover up & defend rapist Tarun Tejpal. a presstitute by every definition.


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