Punjab government bans sale of army uniform


Punjab government on Sunday imposed a ban on the sale of army uniforms across the state.

Quoting a government spokesperson, a PTI report, “The state government has banned the sale of army uniforms without valid identification in all areas.”

The decision comes after two deadly terror attacks in Pathankot and Gurdaspur in the recent weeks.

In both terror attacks, the terrorists had disguised themselves in military uniforms.

Under the new government order, a person wishing to buy military uniform would be required to submit a self-attested copy of his identity card and phone number to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeepers will be expected to maintain the record of those documents along with date of sale in the record register of the shopkeeper.

The spokesperson added, “These orders would remain in force till 21 April, 2016.”

The state has also banned use of red and blue coloured stickers used by police on vehicles.

The attack on Pathankot Air Force base last month had left seven soldiers dead. The anti-terror operation had lasted for over 80 hours until the Indian security forces had succeeded in eliminating all the attackers.


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