German national raped in Delhi by auto driver, FIR filed after two months


In a shocking development, a German national was raped in Delhi in December by an auto driver right in the heart of the national capital.

The 19-year-old victim, who was in India for a charity work, wrote to the Delhi Commission for Women stating her ordeal in graphic details.

According to her, she was raped and assaulted by an auto driver on the 14 of December 2015, while the DCW received her email on 5 February this year informing of the incident.

A statement from the DCW said, “The victim was not in Delhi and was only able to come to Delhi Commission for Women on 19 Feb 2016.

“The victim told the Commission that she had walked out of her hotel room at night and got lost in the alleyways so she asked for directions from an auto driver.

“Instead of dropping her safely to her hotel room, the auto driver assaulted and raped her in the dark. She somehow managed to get away and ran into another street when the auto driver found her again, this time with a group of men sitting inside the auto.”

Upon spotting her again, the sexual predators ran towards her before attempting to molest her again. But this time, she bit the tongue of one of them and yelled leading to commotion and forcing them to flee.

“Devastated, she walked towards the main road and sat down on the pavement. A young man who was returning home from work found her in that state and without asking her about what happened to her, he dropped her back to her hotel. The victim was too scared to go to the police because she was in a foreign land, very young and not sure of what to do,” the DCW said.

The DCW contacted her and persuaded the victim to come to Delhi to file an FIR as despite weeks after the incident of rape, no complaint was filed with the police.

The victim visited the DCW on 19 February following which the Commission counseled her and helped her report her case to the police on 20 February.

The same day police facilitated her medical examination.

The DCW chairperson, Swati Maliwal, issued a notice to the DCP (Central) for non-filling of an FIR. According to the DCW, it was only after the notice that the police filed the FIR on the evening of 24 February in Prasad Nagar police station.

The DCW said that it was ‘extremely’ pained to know that that ‘this young lady had come all the way to India to do charity work, and was raped and assaulted in such a brutal manner.’

The Commission has promised counselling and legal support to ensure the victim gets justice for the brutalities committed against her.


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