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Mahwish Rajput

Mr. Gaurav Arya,

I read your letter right after coming back from work but irrespective of the fact that it was intended to be provocative it didn’t cause any exasperation. I rather laughed at it and felt the urge to reply to you.

The enemies that you said are sitting beside us are all heavily supported by Indian agencies (in all ways possible) and the dossier of evidences was given to UN months back.

Pakistan fought 3 wars with India over Kashmir dispute (1948, 1965, & Kargil) and we celebrate 1965 war. We also remember 1948 and Kargil war with pride because it propelled India to sought UN intervention as India couldn’t fight it.

In 1948 and Kargil, if Indian army officer of your caliber remember history properly, then Indian Prime Ministers sought resolution of war at UN security council because it was impossible for India to win those two wars.

1971 war was state terrorism by India but trust me you lost that war morally. Because Indian dreams to make Bangladesh part of their territory shattered.

Bangladesh used Indian army as toilet tissue paper to get what they want and then they disposed it off. And besides, state terrorism doesn’t make victors.

If Indian army isn’t ornamental then why high-ups from India called for UN intervention? But still I don’t think Indian army is “ornamental” because it has deployed more than 800,000 army men on just 221 km Indian Occupied Kashmir border with Pakistan. It doesn’t make Indian army ornamental, it rather makes it coward!

You bravely asked Honorable General Raheel Sharif in your letter to fight the good fight… man to man…face to face and at the same time you admitted that India is supporting separatists in Balochistan and Karachi?

Where did your man to man, face to face fight logic go when you were writing this letter? The fact remains that India is repeatedly admitting and supporting separatist movements in Pakistan because it can’t win wars against Pakistan.

Your admittance also proves that India is supporting terrorists (you called them snakes) in Pakistan to spread anarchy.

Sir, you talked about Maj. Rana Shabbir Sharif’s (Nishan-e-Haider) shahadat twice in your letter solely to provoke hatred but believe me without knowing you, I now know why you never reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in your career.

You must stop hiding your insecurities and accept the truth.

We are ready.


Mahwish Rajput (An ordinary Pakistani)

Reference: Janta Ka Reporter Blog

(The author is an Islamabad based blogger. Views expressed here are the author’s own)


  1. What the hell? why is this website giving space to pesky Pakistani propaganda??

    If Pakistanis don’t know their history than its not our job to teach them.

    What the hell is he talking about Indian agencies involvement? where is the evidence? those dossiers which were so secret that even top level cabinet ministers of Sharif govt don’t know what’s in them?

    We confront Pakistan with every small evidence, why don’t they do the same? And why on Earth they don’t share it even with their own media? we do it all the time.

    I will tell you why, because there isn’t any evidence. These dossiers are just speculations.

    Even UN & US State Dept discarded these dossiers because they are nothing more than creative
    writing. They blame India because Paki army have failed catastrophically failed to even protect
    their own citizen despite getting first chunk of Nation’s resources. Blaming India for your failures
    make you cowards sir.

    I also gasp with amazement whenever Pakis talk about 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, how comfortably
    they forget massacre in east Pakistan and never talk about butcher of Dhaka Abdul Quader Mollah.
    I’m not going to teach them History again. World knows it, it doesn’t matter if Paki do not know.

    The society which forgets its history is doomed.

  2. Lol! this jihadi newspaper will write a clarification for not posting a disgusting video by a porki actress which shows their low jihadi IQ but has no issues on putting up an article by a porki who is delusional and try to show how they apparently won (LOL) with India. An

    And if the Jihadi/ porki lovers of this news site don’t know the unbiased views; just google 1965 indo pak war and read unbiased views.

    Disgusting Jihadi media

  3. WHAT IS HE WRITES AND WHAT IS SUPPORTED BY JANTAKA REPORTER IS QUITE irrational , does your support jantaka reporterji(71 virgins who martyr in fighting for) jihad? and women slaves for jihad what it purports. Have you gone mad in publishing this jihad article., have you ever written about thought provoking articles instead of hate. what is your agenda in publishing this article. you donot have faith in democracy it seems you have faith in khalifa regime. you are real traitor n the name of jantaka reporter.. you should write no religions no regions in the world. all should be like brothers and your kuhana self rule by ak it self denotes u r biased. Reducing military and delimiting the weapons do you talk about it?
    Religions what about them they are man made can be easily wiped out eliminatimng region and religion. bringing one currency to run the machinery of administration in the world .these r novel ideas . instead of that you publish trash articles to incite intolerance ,the magazine never claim its popularity except liars

  4. AN

    Major Gaurav,


    1. First of all, I would like to greet you
    that at last you felt talking to your neighbour though through editorial. I
    take this way that you were refusing earlier to talk at any forum or even to
    play cricket due to unknown anxiety. You address your message directly to our
    COAS in spite knowing military norms and customs. Anyhow, you are senior to me
    in age and service but we are equal in ranks at the moment.

    2. You said that India does not want war with
    Pakistan. However, I see, out of 13 x Indian Army Corps, 7 x Corps are poised
    towards Pakistan among all of your seven neighbors. Cheers, at least you value
    us with more than 27 combat divisions salute day and night. Having presence of
    1:5 in Indian Occupied Kashmir (Worlds Most Militarized Zone) you could not
    succeed at any front whether moral, ethical or militarily. With the passage of
    70 years, you were not able to quench the flames of passion for Independence
    rather it has become more intense and deep that you can now hear at your backyard.
    Manifestation of which you must have seen and heard in Jawaharlal Nehru
    University Delhi, where your own voiced pro freedom and anti-India slogans. As
    a Coy Commander myself, who is also not privy to such info that Pakistan
    supports Kashmir legitimate struggle or no, but I wish it do so, not because we
    hate India but our hearts beat with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and
    it is the same blood which runs in our veins.

    3. Secondly, You say you feel pain for your
    officers and soldiers that were killed in Pampore but alas, did you feel pain
    of more than 60,000 families whose loved ones have been martyred or missing by
    your occupied forces. Where was your code of honour when your men raped
    Kashmiri women and killed innocent children or do u remember incident of Kunan
    Poshpora or do u feel agony on the Hanging of Afzal Guru by your Lordship to
    satisfy the collective conscience of your people. Perhaps, you started getting
    afraid of dead so much that you refuse to handover his belongings / remains to
    his family. More so, the struggle which is nurtured through blood is never
    buried rather it is cultivated to spread greater and higher.

    4. Thirdly, Please, do not put blame of every
    shit that falls on your head at us. Yes we are capable enough but not so
    innovative yet that you start caging innocent pigeons out of fear for our love
    for them.

    5. Fourth, Yes I always remember 71, not
    because you orchestrated it but because I do not want to forget and do not let
    my hunger to go away to face you on some good day to celebrate the same but
    towards your side. Remember Kargil, when few like us hold you from your neck
    and you could not find enough caskets for your men and you conferred alive as
    dead your hero’s due to sheer chaos. Let me remind you that we are not the same
    anymore; rather we are more battle hardened. That’s why in the past having
    taking stroll towards us with all your adornments several times you dare not to
    cross the thin red line or perhaps you knew the consequences. At last Major, Whether
    it’s Hot or Cold, We Are Ready.

    Pakistan Army

    P.S I am enclosing a bullet with this letter, hope you leave your pen with whom you have so much of mastery over and let’s get to fight.


  5. Why this article was published?
    Shows the creed of anti-India janta ka reporter.

    This bitch mahwish rajput should know that gaurav arya was a short service commissioned officer who retire after 10yrs in service. So he never became lt.col


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