Several dead in blast in central Istanbul


There has been an explosion in a district of Istanbul popular with tourists.

BBC said that the blasts were believed to have left several dead and injured.

Turkey’s Dogan news agency said the explosion occurred in the city’s historic Sultanahmet district, close to the Blue Mosque.

Ambulances rushed to the scene of the blast and police have sealed off the area.

Sultanahmet district in central Istanbul is very popular among tourists.

Police have sealed off the scene, which is said to be in a park near an obelisk.

It’s not clear who are behind today’s blasts as several groups with varied ideologies had been responsible for attacking government targets in the past. They included far-Left group, PKK and the IS.

More than 95 people were killed and around 250 wounded in the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history after two explosions targeted a peace rally in the centre of the capital in October last year.

Twin explosions outside Ankara’s main train station on Saturday morning had targeted hundreds of people who had gathered to protest against violence between authorities and the Kurdish militant group, the PKK.

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