Abducted Gurdaspur SP’s mysterious story before Pathankot attack leaves many puzzled


Gurdaspur SP Salvinder Singh on Tuesday said that the men who had abducted him along with his cook just before mounting deadly attack on the Indian Air Force base spoke in Urdu and carried AK-47 rifles.

Singh said, “When we stopped the car, 4-5 persons rushed towards me. Those people had AK 47 with them. They took my mobile phone. They were speaking in Urdu. I was blindfolded, I could not see anything.”

According to reports, Singh was released after being abducted briefly but his kidnappers allegedly used his car to enter the Air Base.

Singh said that his kidnappers didn’t know that he was the Superintendent of Police.

He said, “Those people had GPRS with them. They did not ask us the way. Terrorists initially didn’t know that I was Superintendent of Police.”

His cook added, “They were 4-5 persons, turned our faces to the other side, blindfolded us. They threatened us saying that if we try to turn our faces, they would kill us.”

Many have cast doubt over Singh’s story and agencies are verifying his statements with the Intelligence Bureau having visited all the places the senior cop mentioned.

He also disclosed that he had made several phone calls to Gurdaspur senior superintendent of police Gurpreet Toor at his home landline to alert about the terrorists.

Meanwhile, security forces involved in Pathankot operations said that they had killed all six terrorists holed up in the base. The body of the fifth terrorist was recovered while they were yet to recover the body of the sixth.

The combing operation was still on. Seven security forces personnel have lost their lives in the operation that has now gone into its third day.

Indian government has come under sharp attack for its alleged mishandling of the entire situation and questionable coordination on the ground.

Both the Home Minister Rajnath Singh and the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were mocked and criticised for their premature congratulations to security forces- a sign that they were clueless about what was going on in Pathankot.


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