Bassi’s jibe at AAP government, says police not worried about ‘dramabazi’


In an indirect dig at the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi police commissioner, BS Bassi, on Monday said he didn’t bother about ‘dramabazi.’

Bassi was speaking at the Delhi Police’s Annual Press Conference in the capital.

“Humein dramebaazi ki fikr nahi. Thank god that Delhi Police is under Centre,” the top cop was quoted as saying.

He didn’t stop here. While talking about his forces’ commitment towards ensuring safety for women, Bassi said that he didn’t believe in shedding ‘crocodile tears like others.’ He said that he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the rapist if the law permitted him.

Bassi said, “We may not shed crocodile tears like others but we are serious in our work as far as women safety is concerned. We are always worried about safety of women. It will be our pleasure to shoot or hang accused in cases of crime against women if law permits us. 90 percent of our cases went unattended because policemen used to hide truth. I have ensured that no police officer hides any truth in this regard.”

The relationship between Delhi Police and the elected government of Delhi has been quite thorny. Aam Aadmi Party has always blamed the police, which reports to Centre, for the lack of cooperation allegedly at the behest of the BJP government.

Bassi’s latest jibe targetted at Kejriwal and his party will further fuel the tension between the two.



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