PM Modi’s huge protocol gaffe, kept walking during national anthem in Moscow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday night committed a huge protocol gaffe causing him considerable embarrassment.

Upon arrival in the Russian capital Moscow, Modi was to take the guard of honour, which started with the playing of Indian national anthem.

However, as required by the protocol, Modi didn’t stand in attention until the completion of the national anthem and he kept walking.

It took two local officials’ intervention to remind him that he needed to stand. One official was seen pulling the prime minister holding his hand.

Modi then returned and stood in attention.

This will be seen as a huge lapse by Modi as standing in attention during the national anthem is a common knowledge and for him to commit this gaffe at a foreign soil is even more embarrassing.

BJP supporters had hung, drawn and quartered Indian Vice President, Hamid Ansari, in January this year when he did not salute during the national anthem calling him anti national even though saluting during the playing of national anthem is not part of protocol.

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  1. Look at these Bhakts. Unable to defend their feku so they resort to their specialty, personal abuse. Never ever have I seen such blatant hypocrisy on the Internet as I have from Bhakts.

  2. Wow, the carefully constructed mask fell off. Happens when you’re on permanent vacation. You quite literally become a vagabond.

  3. Hamid Ansari didn’t salute the national flag. Per the protocol Vice Predient is required not to salute the flag. Bhakats made a big deal and wanted to send the Vice President of India to Pakistan. Now ship Modi to Pakistan.


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