Punjab health minister says sharab not intoxicant because it’s used in army parties


It seems nothing is going right for the Punjab’s Akali government as far as it’s perception among ordinary public is concerned.

Amidst a series of PR disasters, it’s health minister was seen showering praises on sharab.

“I don’t think ‘sharab’ (booze) is an intoxicant. You cannot call alcohol an intoxicant. It is (consumed) there in the army, parties.

“The government gives licences for manufacturing liquor, we auction liquor vends. As long as it is izzare it may sound but Punjab Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani does not consider ‘sharab’ (booze) an Incidentally, Punjab has been facing a problem of drug addiction, which once prompted Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to claim 7 out of every 10 youth in the state were addicts.


  1. When the evil is repeated a thousand times, it becomes a virtue, however he was right that it is served in the army parties, not just parties every mess has a bar and is served daily after or before dinner , not just punjab even the army needs to worry for its lot of liquor addicts. Every week days the liquor is served to jawans . Liquor bottles are rationed to officers and Jawans on a monthly basis. Once upon a time Liquor was served for cold climatic conditions now its a nourishment., a lesser evil.

  2. akali badals have ruined the state through drug mafia, alcohol, sand mafia, transport mafia, hotel mafia, media mafia, this family has captured all of punjab’s resources while bjp is fully supporting it. Agro minister was involved in insecticide/pesticide scandal companies supplying ineffective sprays which has ruined 80-90% of the cotton crop, people know these evil garbage folks still they keep on voting for these folks.


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