Arvind Kejriwal requests Narendra Modi to instruct his ministers, babus to obey Odd-Even formula


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his cooperation in making the Odd-Even Formula to curb rising air pollution in Delhi successful.

He wrote, “As you know how the air pollution in Delhi has now assumed alarming proportion and we all are responsible for this. We will have to find the solution together.”

Kejriwal informed Modi how his government had taken several initiatives to check the rising pollution with one of them being introducion of odd-even formula for vehicles on Delhi roads starting from 1 January 2016.

He said, “Come 1 January, we will allow vehicles with odd registration number on one day and vehicles with even numbers on the other day. Although we are still busy preparing the detailed blueprint of our plan, it’s clear that this system will not apply to auto, taxi, public transport, ambulances and other emergency services.”

Kejriwal concludes his letter with a plea asking Modi to issue a directive to his ministers and secretaries instructing them to follow this rule.

He said, “I know this new rule will cause some inconvenience, but I’m confident that people will support this initiative introduced to reduce pollution level in Delhi…..I would like you to request you to ask your cabinet colleagues and secretaries to obey this rule. This will not only send a powerful message to others but also give a new fillip to our efforts. I’m confident that if an order or directive is issued by you, it will have a huge impact on the odd-even formula.”




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