Modi slammed by NGOs, social media for dining with Dow Chemicals CEO


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to ‘dine’ with the CEO of Dow Chemical, responsible for the worst industrial disaster in Bhopal has enraged the members of civil society and social media users.

On Friday, NGOs working for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims slammed the PM for dining with the CEO instead if making him answerable to law.

In a joint press conference, they said that the PM’s action of “pleading” with Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris to invest more in India was “outrageous and disgusting” for citizens.

“Instead of making Dow Chemical obey Indian laws, the Prime Minister chose to offer a lavish dinner to its CEO Andrew Liveris during his visit to US this September,” said Rashida Bee, head of Bhopal Gas Peedit Manila Stationery Karmchari Sangh.

“From newspaper reports we learnt that Modijee offered thandai chicken, sevaiyan cake and other delicacies to Liveris, just nine days after the Bhopal chief judicial magistrate issued notice against his company for sheltering the fugitive killer Union Carbide,” she said.

Photo of Modi ‘enjoying’ the company of Liberis has gone viral on social media with users expressing their ‘anger and disgust.’

Here’s a snapshot of twitter conversation:


  1. Why are people so surprised when two criminals and killers meet and dine , it only heralds the similarity of thought and mind. Modi for Gujarat massacre and andrew for union carbide, not so surprisingly victims were muslims in plenty. Once a pracharak always a pracharak, modi will never change.

    • You are forgetting Gujarat episode was orchestrated by Muslim Organisations. They killed hundreds of Hindu pilgrims by burning a train. Muslims kill Muslims. So, killing Hindus is not a big deal for them.

      • Railway officials and passengers present at the scene have testified before the Nanavati commission that they saw no Muslim enter S-6 during the fracas which erupted at Godhra station, let alone pour more than 60 litres of petrol as the police alleges. And then there is the second forensic report which states that samples lifted from S-6 contained no traces of petroleum hydrocarbons.


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