AAP to ‘expose’ Jaitley on CBI raids, Modi seeks help of ‘Doval, CBI and media’ to discredit opposition


Aam Aadmi Party is expected to hold an ‘important’ news conference on Thursday with ‘expose’ on Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s alleged role in the Delhi District Cricket Association’s scam.

The AAP has stepped up its attack against Jaitley linking the Tuesday’s CBI raids on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s office to the finance minister’s involvement in the DDCA scam.

On Tuesday evening, Kejriwal had made sensational disclosure that the CBI personnel had read filed related to DDCA scam probe, that he was about to order looking into Jaitley’s role.

Senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas is likely to address the media at 12 noon outside the residence of Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia today.

Sources said that the AAP was likely to raise the issue of ‘financial gains’ of Jaitley’s daughter while fighting the case for Hockey India.

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The party on Wednesday released a letter, written by the BJP MP, Kirti Azad, who has been spearheading campaign demanding Jaitley’s role in DDCA to be probed.

Vishwas told jantakareporter.com“There’s very little doubt that the rattled central government decided to order its caged parrot the CBI to raid the chief minister’s office only after they came to know that we were all set to order commission of inquiry in Jaitley’s role. Today, we will release more evidence to substantiate our charge.”

Jaitley, while speaking in the parliament, had said that Tuesday’s raids were only on Kejriwal’s secretary, Rajender Kumar’s office to probe his alleged corruption committed before he joined the AAP government.

However, as it emerged on Wednesday, the CBI among other things had also seized the file movement register of last one month, which included important cabinet decisions taken by Kejriwal government. This, the AAP government alleged, had exposed Jaitley’s ‘lies’ in the parliament.

Meanwhile, a top central government source told jantakareporter.com that anti-Jaitley group within the BJP was active in make the finance minister’s wicket sticky. This, the source said, was the result of BJP’s internal war for supremacy.

He said, “Look, there are only three people who could potentially replace Modi in future. Manohar Parrikar is fast withdrawing himself from the race and has begun talking about retirement. Then we are left with Jaitley ji and Rajnath ji. And there’s a strong suspicion that people loyal to Rajnath ji is set to spoil Jaitley ji’s party.”

There are also reports that Narendra Modi government has decided to go jugular against its political opponents ahead of next year’s crucial assembly elections. Under this plan, the government will go all out to discredit its main political rivals with ‘tainted’ image.

“CBI, Ajit Doval, state governors and top media houses have all been taken on board to achieve this objective. The National Herald against Gandhis case too should be seen in that perspective. The plan is that you should discredit your rivals to an extent that they are able to repeat the performances of Delhi and Bihar.”

AAP’s Ashutosh, himself a former senior editor, too claimed that media had been approached by the Modi government requesting them not to run unfavourable stories to Jaitley. He said it was a testing time for Media and Journalism to prove its integrity.

However, sources say that the central government is forced to rethink its strategy in the aftermath of how the CBI raids at Kejriwal’s office backfired so spectacularly. To add insult to injury, the BJP’s governor’s perceived ‘unlawful’ intervention in Arunachal Pradesh assembly caused further embarrassment to the saffron brigade.

The developments of the last few days have brought the entire opposition together against the BJP. A BJP MP said that they were shocked to see the Left Front and Trinamool leaders shouting in unison against the CBI raids at Kejriwal’s office.

“Nobody had thought this would happen. And if Gandhis decide to court arrest on Saturday, then the problems for the government will be manifold,” said the source.


  1. If Sonia and Rahul decide to court arrest…dramatics not withstanding….it will spell doom for BJP for the next 100 yrs in India.


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