CBI was looking for Arun Jaitley’s files related to DDCA, he’s an accused in corruption


Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has just addressed media on today’s CBI raids. An extremely angry Kejriwal launched stinging attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his finance minister, Arun Jaitley.

Here are the highlights:

  • I’m told that corruption took place during Rajender ji’s time as VAT commissioner, IT secretary and Education Secretary. He’s accused of helping one company with contracts.
  • Make no mistake, I’m against corruption and will not spare even my son if he’s found in corruption.
  • But, today’s raids were not to find evidence of Rajender ji’s alleged corruption but those files are not in chief minister’s office but in the respective record rooms of those departments.
  • If Rajender ji gave false contracts, why did the CBI not raid Education department, VAT department or IT department
  • They have raided Chief Minister’s office. Files in Chief Minister’s office are never more than 15 days old
  • Why did they not ask for those files from the Delhi government?
  • Those files are always signed by deputy secretary and ministers among others. Why did the CBI not raid those ministers’ houses in Sheila Dikshit government?
  • Rajender to sirf bahan hai, Kejriwal nishaana hai
  • CBI is looking for DDCA files, Arun Jaitley is an accused there.
  • Modiji, you may have frightened others, I’m a different person. You’ve chosen wrong person for this fight.
  • Main in geedarbhapkiyon se nahi darne walaa (I can’t be frightened by such empty threats)
  • Hamaare to shabd kharab hai, Tumhaare to karam phoote hue hain.
  • Main to ek gaon mein paida huwa hoon, to shayed mere shabd kharab hai, tumhare to karm phoote hain

Kejriwal’s tirade comes hours after it emerged that the CBI had sealed his office and were conducting raids without his information.

Interestingly, soon after Kejriwal questioned CBI why it had not raided the offices of IT in the secretariat, the CBI reportedly went on to conduct raids in those offices.

Kejriwal tweeted, “After i raised question on why CBI did not raid those depts where those tender files are there, NOW CBI has gone to raid IT dept.”

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The issue became hugely controversial with opposition parties stalling parliamentary proceedings. A visibly embarrassed BJP desperately attempted to clarify that the raids were in Kejriwal’s principal secretary, Rajender Kumar’s office and not the chief minister’s.

A CBI spokeswoman too addressed media clarifying that the raids had nothing to do with the Delhi chief minister.

Trinamool Congress’ Derek O’Brian likened the situation to that of Emergency. Calling the Tuesday’s development unprecedented, the Trinamool’s Rajya Sabha MP asked, “Has emergency been declared in the country?”

To which, Arun Jaitley rose to clarify that the CBI’s inquiry was in relation to Kumar’s alleged corruption pertaining to his tenure before he joined Kejriwal’s office.

Centre’s Narendra Modi government has often drawn flak for misusing its agencies such as the Delhi Police and CBI for settling political scores against its rivals. Critics have always questioned why Modi’s agencies were never so pro-active in dealing with alleged corruption cases involving BJP chief ministers such as Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Rajasthan’s Vasundhara Raje.


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    • मोदी जी के cbi raid Delhi cm office से घंटा ? बरामद हुआ है और अब मोदी जी घंटा बजाए और केजरीवाल मोदी जी की बजाए


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