Delhi government’s financial grant for Nirbhaya rapist’s rehabilitation draws flak


Delhi government’s rehabilitation plan for the juvenile rapist, whose action against Nirbhaya was the most brutal, has posed questions with people asking if it was the appropriate step by the city government.

This after Delhi government’s department of women and child development (WCD) unveiled a rehabilitation plan for the juvenile – who is over 20 years now – whereby it will give him a one-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 and arrange for a sewing machine so that he can rent a tailoring shop.

In its report, the WCD said, “The juvenile in Nirbhaya case needs to be supported financially jointly by his parents and by the Delhi government.”

The report further added that the rape convict will further need help to sustain ‘a business for an initial period of at least six months and meet expenses such renting a shop and procuring tailoring material, a signboard for his shop, receipt books, hangers etc.’

The central government too raised its objections, asking for the extension of his detention citing his mental condition.

Journalist Richa Anirudh asked on twitter;

Elsewhere, Nirbhaya’s mother renewed her demand to stop the rapist’s release scheduled for 20 December asking ‘what message are we trying to send to society?’

BJP’s Subramanian Swamy had moved Delhi High Court asking for stop his release on grounds that he may have been radicalised while serving jail sentence. The court, which had sought the IB report on this matter, reserved its verdict on Monday.


  1. The delhi government is out of its minds, to rehabilitate a rapist , for god sake he is a killer ,sadist and rapist, and was not playing “merry go round” with the girl. Now these sadists will commit rape for such rehabilitation and respect given by Delhi govt, which otherwise they ill afford.They are plenty on the streets of delhi who will now have targets to achieve. May all these juvenile supporters face same fate, then would they feel the pain of a greiving parents of Nirbhaya.This a worst and disgusting travesty of justice.


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