Won’t retire without completing assigned tasks: Parrikar


Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday said he will not retire from politics, without completing the task given to him.

“Some people want to me to (retire). But I will never go without completing the task allotted to me,” Parrikar said at a function in Panaji organised by the Goa unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Two weeks ago, Parrikar had hinted at retirement from politics at a function in Goa, but later said his statement was misinterpreted.

The former Goa chief minister also said he will give complete support to his state, despite the national profile of his current job.

Parrikar also said he wandered into politics and eventually got stuck.

“I wandered into politics, but eventually I got stuck. And somewhere down the line, I kept getting involved with people,” Parrikar said.

The defence minister said he was shocked by the demise of his wife mid-way in his political career, but the response he received while in public life helped him make up somewhat for the loss.

“That loss was made up by the love showered by the people. They did not let me feel the loss and that is why I have reached here,” Parrikar said.


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