Muslim ban: Donald Trump’s image, name removed from Dubai golf course


Amidst growing protests on American presidential hopeful, Donal Trump’s comments proposing the ban on future entry of Muslims into America, Dubai golf course and housing development have begun removing his name and image from those sites.

News agency Associated Press reported that the disappearance of Trump’s branding from the multi-billion-dollar development on the outskirts of Dubai comes as concerns over his comments grow in the Middle East, a region in which the businessman long has sought money-making opportunities.

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Some of his deals appear to be in jeopardy, with the company behind the Trump Towers in Istanbul now saying it is “assessing” its partnership with the Republican presidential front-runner.


In Dubai, Trump had a deal with Damac Properties to license his name and image for a housing project and two golf courses for an undisclosed sum. A billboard once showing Trump golfing had been at Damac’s Akoya development, as well as an image of Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

On Friday, all that remained was the board’s brown background, though another billboard declaring the development “The Beverly Hills of Dubai” still stood nearby. Also, pieces of letters that appeared to spell out Trump’s name had been pulled down from a stone wall and left lying on the sandy ground. His name was still on at least one other stone wall at the property, which was being patrolled by private security guards and police.


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