NGT expresses reservations on odd-even formula, bans new registration of diesel cars for govt use


The National Green Tribunal on Friday said that the AAP government’s odd-even formula for vehicles to check rising pollution in Delhi, may prompt people to buy two cars.

The NGT said, “The odd-even formula for vehicles may make people buy two cars.”

It said, “As an interim measure till next date of posting subject to hearing (January 6) of all the concerned parties, we direct that Diesel Vehicles of more than 10 years of age as already directed, as well as new diesel vehicle would not be registered in NCT, Delhi.

“We also direct the Government to take a conscientious decision in regard to not buying any diesel vehicle, whether by the Central or the State Government.”

It asked the relevant government bodies in the capital to prepare a comprehensive action plan on phasing out of diesel vehicles from the city.

The order stated, “We direct all the Public Authorities, Corporation, DDA, Police and other Public Department to prepare an Action Plan for phasing out of diesel vehicles particularly the trucks being used by all these bodies.”

Also contrary to media reports, the NGT did not question the Delhi government’s Odd-Even formula.

Here’s what it said;

“The Learned Counsel appearing for NCT, Delhi submits in relation to various queries raised by the Tribunal for implementation of the directions already issued that he needs further time. He further states that the clear stand of the Government is to impose even and odd car system on the alternative days and for considering all other aspects which would be simultaneously operative to achieve the objective and reduction in air pollution in Delhi, he prays for some time. We think that the authorities concerned must sit together and clearly answer the queries raised by the Tribunal as well as relation to the compliance of the directions already issued which in their considered opinion if implemented simultaneously with the odd and even car system proposed to be introduced would make it for more effective and result oriented. We direct that by way of last opportunity, we grant time to all the Learned Counsel appearing in the case to seek instructions and report to the Tribunal on those aspects.”

The NGT decision comes after the Delhi government announced its plan to introduce odd and even formula from 1 January to curb dangerously rising air pollution in the capital.

Under this proposal, starting from 1 January cars with numbers ending with 1,3,5, 7 and 9 will operate on odd dates while cars with numbers ending with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 will be allowed to ply on even dates.

Among the countries, where odd-even formula was used included the Greek capital Athens. But, its success was considerably undermined after residents began to buy two cars with alternate registration numbers.


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