Intellectuals protesting on intolerance are upset over their aaqas’ defeats: RS Prasad


Union Minister and senior BJP leader, Ravi Shankar Prasad, has described the intellectuals returning awards against rising intolerance ‘pro-left.’

Speaking at an event organised by Aaj Tak, Prasad said that the pro-left intellectuals were ‘sad’ over the loss of their aaqa(masters).’

Pointing to his fellow panelists, Congress’ Anand Sharma and CPI-M’s Brinda Karat, he said, “When Shah Rukh Khan was being attacked, I had said that he was a patriot. But these intellectuals are aligned with Left and Congress ideologies and they are clearly not happy over the defeats their aaqas have suffered.”

Sharma took strong objection to Prasad’s allegation saying that it was ‘wholly inappropriate’ to brand the intellectuals as pro-left or pro-Congress.

He said, “Many of those intellectuals are known for criticising us. So it’s wrong to call them pro any party.”

Sharma, however, launched stinging attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing him of spending his time on globe trotting but not ‘caring to visit a farmer.’

He said, “More than 3000 farmers have died in 2015 alone. We have a prime minister, who has time to visit countries around the world but has no time to visit a suffering farmer. And this party claims to be pro-poor.”

Karat said that Modi wave had come to an end and it was evident during Bihar elections.

She said, ” We all saw what happened in Bihar. Midway through the campaign the BJP had replaced Modi ji’s photo with cow in all its newspaper advertisements. That’s an indication that Modi wave was well and truly over.”


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