‘2002, good year for criminals, they get away with murder and achieve greater fame’ twitter reacts on Salman verdict


The Bombay High Court on Thursday said Bollywood megastar Salman Khan “cannot be convicted” on the basis of the evidence produced by the prosecution in a hit-and-run case.

Justice A.R. Joshi, who was making his observations as the open-court dictation of his verdict entered the last lap, said the “prosecution failed to establish the charges (against Salman) on all counts”.

Justice Joshi’s much-awaited verdict in Salman’s appeal challenging his conviction and five-year sentence by the Sessions Court on May 6, is expected to be delivered on Thursday afternoon in the presence of the actor.

Earlier on Wednesday, the court had ruled that there was no evidence to prove that Salman was drunk or driving the ill-fated Toyota Land Cruiser on September 28, 2002 when it met with an accident and mowed down one pavement dweller and injured four others.

Salman said he was pleased with the court’s verdict and and respected the ‘decision of judiciary.’

He tweeted, “I accept the decision of the judiciary with humility. I thank my family, friends & fans for their support & prayers.”

Salman’s acquittal has sparked off a new twitter debate with opinions sharply divided. His fans are hailing the verdict, there have been plenty of criticism for the decision to acquit him.


Here’s a snapshot of twitter conversation on this subject;








  1. Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao wants to leave India as Intolerance is Rising against the people who are sleeping on Footpath Omar Abdulla on target. All band wagon of BJP who pronounced Aamir a villian singing Salman a Hero, right from Anupam kher to Ashok Pandit. Ashok Pandit has asked people who cursed Salman to say sorry to him. Isn’t they are super patriotic.


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