‘Drunk’ Russian diplomat hits biker, punches policeman on duty in Delhi, FIR filed


Delhi police has filed an FIR against a Russian diplomat for rash driving and physically assaulting a police official on duty on early Wednesday morning.

The diplomat, identified as Dmitry Kryukov, was allegedly drunk, while driving the car. According to the police, he rammed into a police barricade in Moti Bagh area of the capital at 1.30 am on Wednesday.

The police is sending a detailed report to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs as he enjoys the diplomatic immunity.

Kryukov hit a biker and before ramming his car into a police barricade in Moti Bagh area. When challenged by the police on duty, Kryukov refused to come out of his car after the accident and began arguing with cops.

Soon he lost his cool and allegedly punched constable Naib Singh, who said he received injuries on his right jaw.



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