Chennai’s Hindu survivors name their daughter after Muslim man


Last week, a couple was in distress as the floods wreaked havoc in Chennai. Amidst the ravaging floods, Chitra endlessly cried in labour but neither she nor her husband Mohan had any clue about how to travel to hospital as they found their house surrounded with deep flood water.

With most neighbours having deserted the area, they couple feared for the worst.


That’s when a miracle happened. A young CEO of a start-up, who had recently hired eight boats spending Rs one lakh to rescue stranded people in utter distress. 26-year-old Mohammed Yunus, took them to a hospital just in time for Chitra to deliver a baby girl.

Yunus couldn’t stay there to see the arrival of this angel as he moved on to rescue the next family.

A day later, this is what Mohan wrote to him, “Hi Sir, This is Mohan from Urappakkam. My wife Chitra has successfully given birth to a girl baby. We’ve named our girl as ‘Yunus’ sir…”


Yunus shared this message on his Facebook page, where more than 7500 people have liked the message. The young entrepreneur has now become a Facebook sensation of sorts.


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