Most people understood my dog remarks except some supari journalists


Gen VK Singh

Attending the Rajya Sabha was a revelation. I have always held the impression that the House of Elders comprises of Serious, learned, full of wisdom and people with practical knowledge of affairs of the nation.

This belief of mine got a jolt when I witnessed that for petty political one-upmanship some members behaved in a manner that defies description. I could not believe, that comprehension has become such a serious deficiency on account of cheap political wranglings.

Even in wild imagination my ” dog analogy for government not being responsible for every incident” being taken as a remark against any human is a travesty of intelligence. Most of the people of the country understand it except those who for petty political reasons want to deliberately create misunderstanding like some journos who indulge in Supari Journalism.

The impression also was that the heir apparent having lost the plot and seeing the mood of people was trying to fire the gun from the shoulders of champions of self styled votaries of dalit cause that is belied by their own personal misconduct.

To all such champions of political gamesmanship one can only say you are becoming laughing stocks in the eyes of large sections of our country. My credentials as a person who does not believe in dividing on caste or religion have been forged in an institution that practices it – The Indian Army.

I am not a slick lawyer or some one who has used the political system to his personal advantage but I stand firm on my convictions of being well away from divisiveness that has plagued the nation. I am also convinced that people if the country are wise enough to see the cheap popularity stratagem being adopted by some political parties.

Gen VK Singh is former army chief and a minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet. This content first appeared on the author’s Facebook page.


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