No tolerance for intolerance debate in Lok Sabha, House adjourned


Lok Sabha began debating the growing incidents of religious intolerance in the country on Monday. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan urged the members to avoid being intolerant while taking part in the debate.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh requested the members to also provide solutions while highlighting the problems relating to intolerance.

CPIM’s Md Salim was the first speaker.

Quoting Rabindranath Tagore, Salim said, “The crime of both who commit the crime and those who tolerate without resisting is same. Not every intellectual is same. You can hear what’s happening in Times Square, but can’t hear what’s happening in India. Only outgoing call is not good. That’s what Prime Minister is doing through Mann Ki Baat. It’s always one way call.

“The question is not what we are eating inside our house, Whether we are eating goat’s meat or rohu fish. The question is what government is doing for those who are not able to eat anything. We should be ashamed that the son of Mohammad Akhlaq said Saare Jahan se Achcha Hindustan Hamara. That’s our India.”

Salim also alleged that when Prime Minister Modi was elected in 2014, the home minister said ‘for the first time a Hindu has become the ruler of this country after 800 years.’

Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh interrupted asking Salim to give evidence or apologise citing this as a serious allegation.

Salim then read the report quoting excerpts from the Outlook magazine adding that ‘I want the home minister to issue a notice to the Outlook correspondent if Rajnath Singh doesn’t agree.’

BJP’s RP Rudy interrupts warning that parliament couldn’t function until Md Salim apologised. Md Salim maintained his stand. Mahajan said Salim’s allegations will not go on record until she had examined all the evidence. But, this had little effect in pacifying the members from the ruling party, the BJP.

At one point addressing the members from the ruling party, Md Salim said, “to kya karoge, phansi par chadhaoge. To chadhao, main yahin par khada hua hoon (So what will you do? Will you hang me? Then hang me, I’m standing here only.”

We don’t know what the provocation was, but this prompted Mahajan to adjourn the House till 2 pm.


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