Muslims in Bareilly pay fine to get jailed Hindus released


In a hear-warming gesture, a group of Muslims in Bareilly city of Uttar Pradesh has collected Rs. 50,000 to pay a fine and secure the release of Hindu prisoners languishing in the district jail for lack of money.

This touching gesture from Muslims comes at a time when the community is facing various kinds of attacks right-wing organisations in India and the country is debating ‘tolerance’ and ‘intolerance’.

These Hindus had been jailed for petty crimes like ticketless travels. The prisoners could not afford the money to pay the fine.

All 15 Hindus were released from the jails as soon as the fine was paid. After being released, these men showed their gratitude and affection towards the Muslims.

The group of Muslims, led by Haji Yasin Qureshi, embraced the prisoners and welcomed them with open hearts, bringing tears in the eyes of some people who witnessed this.

“When we learnt of their plight from jail authorities, we decided that we should do what we could. We are never guided by the feeling that our efforts should be directed only towards members of our own community,” said Qureshi.

“We believe that if we could help in releasing a man from captivity, Allah will bless us. Moreover, what better occasion than a time when there is all this talk about who should live in this country and who should leave,” he said, referring to some people giving unsolicited advice to some Muslims to go and live in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Nand Kishore, who was held for ticketless travel, had completed his sentence but was not released as he could not pay the fine of Rs.1000. But as soon as he was released he rushed towards home, Qureshi and his friends and hugged him.

When the prisoners with smiles and tears all around thanked Qureshi and his friends. Qureshi, however, said that that the Almighty needed to be thanked. He also suggested to the 15 released men that they should take a vow not to repeat the mistakes they had made.


  1. A lot of people especially children are dying as a result of malnutrition in African countries.Instead of releasing the men who committed a crime and jailed,Qureshi should have taken steps to donate the money they have collected to the needy persons.

    • and India poor ample food to send it Africa? What kind of mentality you carry? If you cannot appreciate a person for his gesture towards his neighbor than better to keep quite.

  2. We apprrciate the gesture of Bareilly Muslim brothers for their mobke action.But u reporting has given a twist telling the Muslims face threat fm Right wing orgn is Ridiculous and agiain creating divide. Pl note one single incident in UP which the state ppl hv either digested or ignored u r rsling it up.They hv helped bcoz tgey were living together eith Toleranceca and ur reporting is provoking. Refraint, media fellows, adding poison Ind a Muslim lady on Mumbai gave birth on road side Ganes Mandal nursed by Hindu ladies boy named Ganesh. What do you call this? Stop nonsense


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