On 2nd anniversary, Arvind Kejriwal reminds Narendra Modi about Vyapam, Lalitgate, Mallya, Khadse, Rohith Vemula


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday identified the areas where the Narendra Modi government had either performed spectacular U-turn or failed miserably.


On the day the central government under Modi completed two years, Kejriwal took to twitter to post several tweets highlighting the failures of the current government.

He said, ” Dear @narendramodi ji, 2 years ago, u promised that Team India shall not be limited to PM but include CMs. Now u conspire to destabilize CMs. 2 years ago, you promised new courts & doubling number of judges but even tears of the CJI haven’t made you act. 2 years ago, u promised education for Dalits but remained silent on Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder.

“2 years ago u promised farmers minimum profit of 50% over inputcost but despite thousands of suicides u refuse to act. 2 years ago u promised corruption-free governance but are silent(like Manmohan ji)on Vyapam, Lalitgate, mallya, khadse. 2 years ago u promised to reduce Non Performing Assets of Banks but allowed defaulter Vijay Mallya to flee from India. (sic)”

Kejriwal didn’t stop here. He posted several more tweets reminding the prime minister about atrocities committed against religious minorities and online threats and abused against female journalists by those who Modi followed on Twitter.

He said, “Dear PM sir, everyone feeling insecure. Even senior women journos facing filthiest abuses n serious threats by those who u follow. Dear PM sir, minorities, students, dalits being targetted. Traders, jewellers, businessmen disappointed/angry.

“Dear PM sir, those who say Bharat mata ki jai in kashmir n those who don’t say it outside kashmir are being attacked. ”



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