Email requesting VCs for funds for niece’s app was mistake: Union Minister Baliyan


A day after it was revealed that the minister of state for agriculture, Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, sent an email requesting to venture capital firms for funding for an app being launched by his “niece” Monika Balyan, his office has now clarified that the said email was a ‘junk’

After the news of Baliyan allegedly abusing his minister’s power to seek funds for his niece, one of his staff members, Sumit Arora, was forced to sent another mail on Wednesday ‘requesting’ the recipients of the original email to treat that communication as ‘junk.’

Arora wrote, “While performing duty at residence office of Hon’ble MOS (Agri. & FW) on 24.11.2015, Ms. Monika visited office, claiming her to be niece of Hon’ble MOS and instructed me to take appointment on her behalf after which she left the office. I considered as it has the approval of Hon’ble MOS & officers.”

The revelation of BJP minister’s alleged abuse of office one day before the start of the parliament’s winter session is has already prompted the opposition leaders to launch attack on Modi government.

Congress spokesman Tom Vadakkan said: “It is only the tip of the iceberg of the activities that are going on in the government.” He said there are “many many more skeletons in the cupboard… if the CAG and other agencies like the CVC get into the act, skeletons will tumble.”

Worried over the propsects of facing further embarrassment, Baliyan’s office has now sought to clarify that the email sent to VCs  did not had the minister’s consent.

“I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused in this regard and an e-mail message sent yesterday should be treated as junk,” Arora wrote. “Taking note of CC of the sent e-mail, an officer clarified to the undersigned that the instruction of Ms. Monika was her sole and personal instruction. He further informed that Hon’ble MOS is not aware of the issue and has taken serious note of the matter. Besides, he passed strict instructions that this type of instances should not re-occur in future. In addition, he also extended warning that an official e-mail ID and name of this office should not be used for sending personal e-mails,” Indian Express quoted Arora’s email.


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