BJP’s refusal to learn from Delhi and Bihar is a good thing for India’s future


Rifat Jawaid

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The RSS activist and Assam governor, PB Acharya, on Saturday made quite an obnoxious comment declaring that India was only for Hindus. As expected, Acharya’s act of bringing his constitutional post to utter disrepute was widely condemned on social media with many asking President Pranab Mukherjee to intervene. Others chose to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi about glaring contradictions in his famous Wembley speech on India being the land of diversity.

Acharya’s communally divisive comment has not come in isolation. His counterpart in Tripura and fellow motormouth RSS pracharak, Tathagata Roy, has been known for continuing with his bigotry even while holding a constitutional post. Roy, among other statements, also described Gujarat massacre that killed more than 1200 people, mostly Muslims, as a sign of Hindus’ courage.

Roy is notorious for making uncivilised and utterly provocative statements targetting India’s minority community prompting the members of civil society to question Modi’s decision to appoint them for such a prestigious constitutional position in the first place.

I’ve always maintained that BJP under Modi has believed in following the good cop-bad cop strategy, which gives free reign to loony elements such as Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, Sangeet Som, Roy and Acharya to practice bigotry with impunity. While senior functionaries in the BJP and government such as Modi, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh would endlessly talk about inclusive politics.

With media under control, it’s never difficult to build a favourable narrative that Modi disapproved the vicious comments made by these representatives of Hindutva idelogy.

Whether or not the BJP leaders agree, the fact remains that the current regime led by Modi has no remorse about politics of hate unleashed by leaders of BJP and other Hindu groups affiliated to RSS ideology. Testament to this has been Modi’s refusal to admonish these elements disapproving their acts publicly. Under pressure from widespread public outrage, he may have broken his silence, but always stopped short of condemning the unacceptable utterances and acts of his supporters.

In September, while commenting on the ghastly act of lynching an innocent Muslim in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri, I had said that the killers of Mohammad Akhlaq had Modi’s tacit approval. The continuing practice of bigotry by Roy and Acharya conclusively establishes my argument.

This also brings home the point that the BJP has learnt nothing from their humiliating electoral losses in Delhi and more recently in Bihar. Acharya’s comments on Saturday are also indicative of the fact that the BJP has truly begun its preparation for Assam elections. The party appears to think that communal politics and raising the issue of illegal immigrants will be enough for them to wrest Assam from Congress. By doing so, they are once again committing a mistake of underestimating the intellect of ordinary voters same as they did with the voters in Bihar.

The party thought that it could fool the voters of Bihar through its fake slogans of sabka saath, sabka vikas (inclusive growth). But its own survey indicated otherwise as there weren’t many takers to the BJP’s hollow slogans. It was clear that Modi’s inability to fulfill many of his poll promises during his 18 months of rule had left him and the BJP totally exposed to the electorates of Bihar.

Worried over the prospects of losing Bihar, the leaders who so far lay emphasis on the agenda of development went back to their old tricks- invoke communalism and fear. So, beef, reservation for minorities and Pakistan became the new dominating theme of BJP’s campaign. Amit Shah’s infamous comments on fire crackers in Pakistan was one such example. The party also did not hesitate to make a mockery of the Election Commission’s guidelines by placing communally insensitive advertisements in newspapers often in defiance of the EC’s model code of conduct.

But, as the results showed, the Bihari voters rejected the BJP’s politics of hate outright. It seemed as if Biharis had taken it upon themselves to make a statement on the growing question of India’s secular ethos. By giving a resounding victory to Nitish Kumar led Grand Alliance, Biharis, in a way, unequivocally stated that overwhelming percentage of India’s Hindus were secular and had not fallen prey to BJP’s dirty tactics.

With Bihar gone, the BJP has clearly set its eyes on Bengal and Assam, next two states scheduled to go for elections. I hope the likes of Acharya, Roy and other individuals continue to indulge in hate-mongering and utter stupidity. Their refusal to learn from Delhi and Bihar is, in a sense, good news for India. I think the saffron brigade is waiting for a complete decimation to realise that India of 2015 has no place for those who believe in hurting the age-old values of unity in diversity.

The 30 percent of the Indian electorates who voted for Modi in the Lok Sabha elections had done so not necessarily because of their approval for Hindutva ideology. As it emerges now, they had only fallen victim to Modi’s so-called idea of development. Modi’s 18 months of rule has given them enough indication that nothing, absolutely nothing, that this prime minister says should be believed.

Only, the other day I was speaking to a friend, who is leading on the smart cities project and also helping Haryana chief minister, ML Khattar, in ensuring that Karnal was selected among the first 20 cities to be developed by the central government. Listening to his story and how Modi’s idea of smart city had enthused the local population made me wonder why on earth this prime minister doesn’t capitalise on building stronger narrative of development. Even I, despite being his critic of Modi, was impressed by the story of smart city and how it was enthusing the ordinary public to engage themselves with development agenda. Only if Modi focussed less on jumlas and more on what has the potential to adorn him with the stature of a statesman! Unfortunately, he appeared to have squandered the opportunity so spectacularly.

Perhaps Modi doesn’t realise what his perceived approval of hate politics has done to his own brand. Only 18 months after we felt that he could do nothing wrong, he’s become one of the least trustworthy politicians in the country. Modi’s former friend, Ram Jethmalani, brilliantly summed it up when he said that ‘never has one man thrown away so much in such a short time.’


    • those who have guts to call ‘a spade a spade’ ( in this matter the truth about Modi’s Governance) is terms as paid tolls of AAp or congress. But if Rifat was praising and chanting ‘Modi Modi’ there would have been applause. Bhakhto, open your eyes and face realitiy

  1. I do agree, BJP need to ask these few hatemongers from making silly comments but truth is even if they stop not going to increase BJP vote share, and make them win in a state where single opponent can get more then 40-45 % vote, BJP vote % is most state is approx 30%, which won’t increase much

  2. I dont know why ppl are against modi.. If sonething happens in UP’s state Dadri, then modi is responsible.. If uproar occurs in karnatka, then modi is responsible.. But if our army is retaliating pakistan attacks in Kashmeer back 2 back , then nobody says Modi is responsible.. Neither anyone praised of the army dare of retaliating myanmar. Do the indian army had such permissions in UPA tenure? When the whole world is praising our PM, neighbouring country are scared of this person, why can’t we the Indians Embrace him. If a person working 16-18 hours a day will definitely give some positive result. But some hatemongers will always criticise his work.
    FYI, Pakistani news channel the DAWN has appreciated the Indian PM for his hardwork and how he is working to bring the business for the country from foreign. I can show you the video, which the Indian media has concealed.
    And one more thing, When Dadri lynching occurred, Delhi CM, Rahul Gandhi, Owasi etc all rushed to the spot from far places to show their concern and to be a part of the anti modi politics, but when Martyr Colonel Santosh Mahadik died in the encounter in Jammu with terrorists, nobody cared for attending his last rites. Only our defence minister Mr. Manoher went their to pay tributes to the brave soldier’s family. Nobody raised that point. But ppl are connected via social media, this shallowness of such politicians debunked and came to the lights via whatsapp and facebook , which went viral

    • Defense minister went there because he’s DEFENSE MINISTER. Do you expect Agriculture or HRD minister to visit a martyr? Also PM was busy with foreign trips? Why didn’t he visit or pay a tribute? Same PM who w/o losing a second visited Ashok Singhal’s funeral REMEMBER???
      You can easily repeat those lines like But what about Prashant Poojary? DId Delhi CM or RahulG cared or talked or visited? Oh BTW, neither did Narendra Modi cared or visited or even talked about it. He was busy in Bihar Election and now in foreign trips.
      Stop playing these Prashant Poojary and other related cards. If you’re accusing a CM or semi-state or a dumb guy who can’t even write 2 lines of hindi but is VP of Congress who’s taken way too seriously, then dare to ask or raise the same to the so called Bhakt’s God MODI who’s done simply nothing. The whole Good Cop Bad cop in the article was to bring that out in front.
      Oh plz one more thing- Army retaliating Pak attacks since UPA Times. You want me to post a link from Aap ki adalat where PM said Pakistan ko usiki bhasa main jawab dena chahiye?
      Army was helpless then and still are helpless. MMS gave them green signal to attack with double force but did it help? MMS would go to USA and ask for help which Modi criticized same thing he did later – went to USA and discussed Pak attacks terrorism. He also criticized love letter writing and instead of letters exchanged Shawls. He also said Pak ko usiki bhasa main jawab dena chahiye, people though finally Dawood will be killed, Pak will be scared. No, they doubled the attack. More soldiers have martyred since then and you’re talking about JUST ONE.
      Business to the country part- yes he might succeed at a time but that the long term planning. He simply can’t leave his dogs in India and stay in Air India One forever while his dogs make statements give statements or bully every single critic.

      • When Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and other politicans can go to Dadri leaving all their work, why can they go and support the Martyr’s family. Our Army officers who counters the terrorist attack protects us to make us safe, so that we can celebrate festivals with our family and live peacefully are considered less important that anyone just because he is of minority?
        We do not support dadri lynching and are aggrieved of what happened there, but instead of supporting the victim’s family to help them boost from this hard time, some politicians went there and make this a political issue, is that correct?

        And its not the duty of a defence minister to attend any soldier’s funeral, he went there to show his concern and feelings for the family.

        And to your comment-‘Oh plz one more thing- Army retaliating Pak attacks since UPA Times. You want me to post a link from Aap ki adalat where PM said Pakistan ko usiki bhasa main jawab dena chahiye?’, there is much difference in saying and doing. We never heard of the news that India gave a good answer to pak in Jammu during UPA session. Yes, we heard that China dares to enter in Indian Area. Also,Now Indian army dares to demolished the china’s town hall which it constructed on Indian Borders.

        • When PM candidate whose whole interviews used to be based on soldiers dying, Pakistan can finally become PM and stay silent, why people like you don’t question him on that stand? Martyr only belongs to AK or RG but not NAMO?
          There could also be a different angle, people went there to appeal for peace? Same thing PM did w/o going there. Not necessary to have a political angle always- how much did PM care for Prashant Poojary whose card those HDL BhajFarts plays these days or for that Martyr?
          Oh BTW- remember when an army officer was killed and his widow was receiving the award from president during Republic Day- so called NAMO didn’t even care to leave his chair to pay respect or go visit the family. WHY?
          When CRP soldier Narottam Das was killed and became a Martyr, so called CM of a glorified municipality not only went to meet his parents but declared an amount of 1 crore!!! No talks on that?
          So you mean to say it wasn’t a duty of Defense minister OK next time a railway accident happens, we’ll send Agriculture minister to show the concern and seriousness of the govt and not our Railway Minister- RIGHT?
          Much difference between Saying and Doing? You found that now? People already found that out so they threw him out from Delhi and Bihar also from UP Civic polls and that village which narendra modi adopted not to forget- Varanasi where he defeated Kejriwal. If he knew there’s a different in Saying and Doing- why was he trying to sell false dreams in the first place? Isn’t that what we call HYPOCRISY? LIAR or simply TRADITIONAL POLITICIAN?
          Are you serious? Do you even follow military attacks on Pak? There are dozens of news lying around during UPA Tenure when ceasefire were at max then went super max during NDA tenure now. Army gave perfect answer- killed 2-3 of theirs for 1 of ours. This was the news which never came on your local newspapers because the whole media never went gaga about a soldier’s life. Oh BTW, you can very well find in Net how finally UPA changed its so called INDIA IS A PEACEFUL COUNTRY stance and gave army a free hand.
          VK Singh took it perfectly- then Bikram Singh and both did brilliant job in handling issue.
          Please stop blaming Army for some cheap politicians of the country. Indian army ain’t toothless like CBI or ED.
          There were also situations when Army Gen. gave the go and didn’t ask permissions from Central Govt or Defense Minister – this during UPA+NDA Tenure.
          Sadly we also never heard of anyone speaking about BJP mixing with separatists like PDP whom Narendramodi criticized called Dynastic parties on twitter. Can provide you screenshots if you want.
          We did had a hullabaloo for AAP going coalition with Congress that too lasted only for 49 days breaking off cuz of Non-passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill which was opposed both by Congress and BJP together but did you ever read or talk about BJP Congress alliance in Sikkim, Nagaland and Tripura? Yes- recently the congress MLAs in Nagaland left Cong and mixed with BJP leaving no Cong in Nagaland but still what about Sikkim and Tripura where from last 10 years alliance has been going on and so called BJP Bhakts says- #CongressMuktBharat? This is how they do it???
          Also please stop defaming army again. You speaking like ARMY was toothless till now and only Modi gave it power. Go check youtube videos how Army demolished China’s barricades even then w/o caring for permission.
          When I said nothing changed for India- I am talking with facts.
          Requesting again to stop thinking that Modi only did everything. Indian Army or soldier’s life is not a political thing that can be sold easily.
          BTW, remember Bihar elections? Bihar Rallies? How all our Cabinet Ministers and PM himself was busy there, right at that time people were dying in Assam Floods. Center totally ignored it cuz Bihar was important.
          Right at that time JP Nadda was asked to review conditions of hospitals that comes directly under center in Delhi to tackle situation like Dengue but he was declaring candidates name for Bihar.

          • Since PM was busy in bringing the business in India, to take India on top, which is a successful move till, he wasn’t able to go..Right.

            But at least he always visit army ppl and camps on festivals or new years without fail. Which PM does that?

            And today due to his dis activity and concern, army ppl love him and respect him. My most relatives are connected to defence life, whenever I met them, they always show a respect and love for the PM. Every time they repeat the things that there is no one in the politics till in comparison to Modi. What you wanna say on this? People like you never notice this thing, you only notice that PM didn’t even care to leave his chair to pay respect or go visit the Martyr’s family.

            Your so called glorified CM did that thing because he was the newly appointed CM that time. He took this extreme step because Narottam was the resident of Najafgarh ,Delhi. I am not saying that his step of announcing this financial assistance to the martyr’s family had political intentions. We appreciate that, but when he can rush to other states for showing his concern to the uproar created, why can he can go to the Army officer’s funeral. OK, if he cannot go, at least he can tweet or give statements showing his concern and sadness over the deceased officer, which could somewhat support and help the family to endure such pain. But no, most of his comments would be on anti Bjp trend.BJP should not do this, BJP should do this etc..

            And when I Said that if anything in railways occur, you send the Agriculture minister there. BTW who are you to direct the politicians to go anywhere. You and Me only judge that they should go there but cannot direct them.

            And yes it is not written anywhere that Defence minister should attend the funeral of the martyr. It was his good heart which led him to go there, to show support and unity of the defence ministry with the army personnels and their family

            Yes, there is much difference in saying and doing. It was the bad luck for Delhi and Bihar ppl, we do not wanna discuss this. I am a delhite and I know what all fuss I need to face these days while staying in delhi. And the thing ppl has thrown out BJP from Delhi and Bihar,always remember, that a Lion will always remain a Loin. It is not that BJP lost in Bihar and Delhi, now Modi wave has vanished, it is absolutely not like that. You can see that in upcoming UP and north-east elections.

            And talking about bihar elections, i would like to tell you a story. 3 fail students combine all their marks and top the university,hence took lead from the topper students.. Similar happen in Bihar, they were afraid of Namo hence they decided for Mahagadbandhan. Had they would have fought alone, the scene would be something different.

            For Delhi, ppl had some expectations with the new party and there were some internal conflicts in BJP too. Nobody is perfect, some mistakes are done by everyone.

            In NDA tenure, Army got guts to retaliate 10 times more to PAK, it got guts to demolish china’s tower which they created on Indian borders. Did Army had enough permissions to do all that during UPA tenure? Most of the times we got to know that China trespass Indian territory again and again, now are you hearing such news? Many things have changed, but some hatemongers have shed their eyes with a black specks and are not willing to accept.

  3. rifat jawaid himself has quoted himself as a modi critic. so, his job will be to find the faults he feels to be in the working of the modi government. he is saying that communal polarization is bad for the country. people who are in respectable positions of the government shouldn’t make comments that increase communal hatred. but the comment of asom’s governor have been misinterpreted. he told hindusthan is for hindus. but did he say hindusthan is only for hindus? no. when communal riots happen, for instance, take the dadri lynching incident. every one in the media announces hindu radicalized people kill a muslim. but they don’t attach importance to the fact that his family survived because their hindu neighbours shielded them from the attacks. if they haven’t, the whole family might have been killed. in the coverage by the media, this episode wasn’t considered important.what the media would always say will be “these people are being intolerant. we can’t tolerate that. modi must answer”. even now, if tripura’s governor’s statements are communalising, the media could stop covering that. that would refrain him from further making such statements. instead, they are spreading the hate limited to one room to the entire nation. and THIS ATTITUDE OF THE MEDIA IS THE CAUSE FOR GROWING INTOLERANCE IN THE COUNTRY AND NOT OUR GOVERNMENT. modi is criticized for godhra attacks by the media every time even though the supreme court not only gave a clean chit to him on that issue but also appreciated his work on maintaining law and order in the state and preventing further escalation of that incident.he handled such tight situation effectively just days after he became the chief minister. at present, the media is spreading hate and intolerance across this great tolerant nation. this not the media one expects. this media is driving people insane for their own sensationalism and trp ratings.


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