Dark days are coming to India, as non-performing government will impose fascist rule


Orthodox sociological theory states that the substructure ( the method of economic production in society ) determines the superstructure ( the culture, customs, ideas, laws,state institutions, etc ), and when the substructure changes, so does the superstructure.

But in India after independence in 1947 in almost every state zamindari abolition acts were made, which meant that the feudal sub structure was largely abolished. Yet casteism and communalism, which are feudal forces, have remained, and even increased in recent times, as can be seen by the increase of intolerance lately. How does one explain this phenomenon ?.

It is explained by the fact that the formula, that the superstructure changes with change in the sub structure, cannot always be applied mechanically without knowledge of the specific facts..

In this connection the following facts may be noted :

1. The mindset of people and customs prevalent in society often do not change immediately following change in the sub structure, but persist even long after change in the latter. For instance, despite change in the economic sub structure by the advent of the Industrial Revolution, which began in England in the early 18th century, for a long time even thereafter feudal customs, e.g. the aristocracy and aristocratic customs and laws, persisted. It required a long historical struggle before the minds and customs in England changed and became modern. In France though industries had been set up from the early 18th century, great, arduous, ideological struggles had to be waged against feudalism by thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau and the French Encyclopedists which led to the French Revolution of 1789 which smashed aristocracy, and even thereafter there was a temporary feudal restoration in 1815 under King Louis 18th.

2. In England and France modern institutions ( Parliament, etc ) and modern principles ( freedom of speech, equality, liberty, freedom of religion, etc ) were created in the course of long historical struggles in those countries. In India, on the other hand, these institutions and principles were not the product of historical struggles of our own masses, but were borrowed by a handful of our modern minded leaders ( Pt. Nehru, etc ) from the West, and transplanted from above on our backward feudal society. But our society still had a feudal mindset, and this does not change immediately. The result was that these institutions were gradually feudalized. For instance, voting in elections in most states in India today is on the basis of caste and religion, instead of the merit of the candidate. Was democracy meant to be run in this manner ?

Equality is enshrined in our Constitution. But the caste system discriminates against sections of our people e.g. the dalits. Secularism is enshrined in the Constitution, but communalism is still widespread. So writing things in the Constitution will not by itself change society It will require a long arduous people’s struggle to get rid of casteism, communalism and superstitions.

3. In England and France the state often played an educative role in modernising society. For instance the leaders who came to power in the French Revolution of 1789 were all anti feudal, and propagated anti feudal ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity, and of religious freedom.

In India no doubt our leaders immediately after independence, like Pt. Nehru, were modern minded. But a few decades thereafter vote bank compulsions feudalized our politics, which today largely runs on caste and religious lines.. Also, many MPs and MLAs were former feudal princes, and they naturally brought their feudal mentality into the legislatures, thus degrading and feudalizing them.

In recent times, the party which has come to power has Hindutva as its professed ideology. Far from playing a modernising role, it is doing the reverse by spreading communalism,which is a feudal force. I
t is common knowledge that the BJP is dominated by the RSS which is rabidly anti minority. So how can it play a modernising role ? In fact it is playing a highly reactionary role, e.g by installing RSS minded people in all institutions such as the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan, a BJP member, as Chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India ( FTII ) against which protests have been going on for long, and by  spreading reactionary ideas and hate speeches e.g. by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and Mahesh Sharma,  Union Ministers, Adityanath, an MP, Sangeet Som, an MLA, and Sadhvi Prachi , beef politics, etc thus pushing India backward. No doubt the BJP leaders often try to distance themselves from hate speeches and communal incidents like that in Dadri  by saying that the views of such people are their individual ones and communal incidents are not of their creation, and no doubt the Prime Minister sometimes delivers homilies advocating communal harmony ( though usually after a long time of incidents like the lynching of Ikhlaque ), but these are only for public consumption and to assuage the fears of foreign investors. The BJP, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.

4. I believe that some kind of fascism is inevitably coming in India, in a year or two in which democracy, freedom of speech and of the press, and civil liberties will all be totally suppressed.

Consider the facts :

a. The present Indian government came to power on high expectations with the slogan of ‘ vikas ‘ or development. This meant, or at least was perceived as, millions of jobs for the youth, industrial growth benefiting businessmen and others, and general prosperity for the public.

b. We are now one and a half years since the new government came to power, but one can see no traces of vikas ( see my articles ‘ The Shape of Things to come ‘, ‘ Vikas ‘, ‘Healthcare in India’, ‘ Malnutrition in India ‘, ‘Unemployment in India;, ‘ The Trickle Down Theory ‘, ‘ The Dream has evaporated ‘ etc on my facebook page and my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in ). All we have witnessed are stunts like Swatchata Abhiyaan, Ghar wapasi, Good Governance day, Yoga Day, etc. In these articles I have demonstrated that under the economic policies being pursued by this government there is bound to be further economic recession ( in fact recent figures show manufacturing and exports declining )  and further unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, farmers’ suicides and poverty, though a handful of big businessmen may benefit. Prices of essential foodstuffs like dal and onions have already gone through the roof, and will in all likelihood shoot up higher

c. Consequently this government will become increasingly unpopular day by day, as people, especially the youth, get disillusioned and realize that they were befooled and taken for a ride by our superman who promised a paradise and Shangri-La in India with his accession to power, but have left people in the lurch.

d. This disillusionment and disenchantment, coupled with the terrible economic hardships and distress the Indian people are facing, with rising prices, rising unemployment, widespread malnutrition, farmers suicides, etc, is bound to lead to widespread and massive popular agitations, disturbances, and turbulence all over the country

e. To deal with these, attempts will first be made, as they have already been made, to divide the people on communal lines, and blame minorities for the problems, as Jews were blamed by the Nazis. One may recall that fascist regimes came to power in Germany and Italy in the 1920s and 1930s in he wake of massive unemployment and soaring inflation in those countries and the consequent popular agitations.

f. These attempts to polarize society will no doubt temporarily succeed, because unfortunately the communal poison which was injected into our body politic by the Britishers from 1857 onwards ( see my article ‘ The Truth about Pakistan ‘ online and on my blog ) and continued even after 1947 by some of our politicians, is still deeply entrenched. The truth is that today most Hindus are communal, and so are most Muslims. Since about 80% Indians are Hindus, Muslim ‘bashing’ is quite popular among the majority of our people. But ultimately the people will see through this game because in the long run food and jobs are more important than religion..The Jewish pogroms organized by the Czarist regime to divert attention of the Russian people from their economic problems by putting all the blame on Jews, did not prevent the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Massive popular agitations against unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, lack of healthcare etc will surely begin in India soon.

g. The rulers, threatened of being toppled and ousted by these agitations, will then impose some kind of fascist rule, suppressing all democratic freedoms and civil liberties, as was done in 1933 by the Nazis, and as was done by Indira Gandhi by imposing a fake Emergency in 1975.

I am afraid dark days are ahead for India

Justice Katju is a former Supreme Court Judge and also headed Press Council of India. Views expressed here are author’s own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t endorse them.


  1. Katju may be quite right in what he says. But he does not touch on the alternative which is still bad. The Commies, the Congis and the Mahagadbandh cannot and will not deliver goods. The dark days in anyway will have to follow regardless of the fact whether which party comes into power. May be a party headed by Katju is only the answer.

  2. Don’t worry Mr Katju AAP is getting powerful day by day. In next MCD elections BJP would be thrown out from the local councils in Delhi, and in Punjab state elections again AAP will push out BJP and Akali Dal from the power. Furthermore, in next general elections AAP would become a significant force in the Parliament and the power of the corrupt parties would be further reduced. So the span of the dark days will not be very long.

    • Please, AAP may be growing but do not underestimate the potency of the BJP propaganda. BJP is in alliance with “nationalism”, people who worship God, right-wing economists, etc. Others are mere mortals and deserve to live in Pakistan, they say. We already saw what propaganda can achieve in 2014. Mr Modi will employ photoshop in 2019 as well. Meanwhile, even Justice Katju is confused about AAP. So it is prudent to assume that 90% of Indians (who Mr Katju knows, are fools) are confused about AAP too.

  3. Dear Respected Justice Katju Ji, I read about your life ,career and comments on Wikipedia and was amazed to know I fully agree with almost all of your comments and ideas,though most of them are controversial.How can a nation full of idiots and idiosyncrasies ,ever grasp the true meaning of real development? We ,as a nation, seem to be living in dark ages but with a smart phone and huge GDP.The fruits, rather the spoils of development, The Vikas purush is hell-bent on creating, will only be appropriated by the richest of richest in the country,leaving a crumb or two for the middle class and none whatsoever for the poor. If we can get rid of caste ism and religious fanaticism in the next 20 years, it would be great accomplishment by itself, let alone the rise the economic standards of living.The days ahead may be darker, yet we can still afford to hope for the best as people of the nation,especially the young ,are not as naive or patient as their forefathers.Thank you.

  4. If world war 3 breaks out between Russia and Western countries over Syria/Ukraine, then no one will be there to put Modi in check, and they will impose martial law in India and begin to exterminate Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs etc as there wont’ be any international outcry due to the global war. They are preparing for it. Minorities should flee India while there is time and before world war 3. RSS is already preparing facist camps to train people to do genocide like Rwanda or Bosnia style. If 800,000 people were killed in Rwanda in 60 days, how much more can RSS 10 million machinery do? RSS-BJp must be stopped. Subramaniam swamy, Rajiv Malhotra, Mohandas Pai and likes are using middle class Hindu educated men to prepare them to engage in mass genocide. This NRI Hindu community in USA and U.K are also actively funding and calling for killings in India.

  5. नक्सली या अन्य प्रॉब्लम के मूल(जड़) मे जाना होगा.नेताओ,लोकसेवको और नागरिक़ो को संस्कारी बनाना होगा. संस्कार निर्माण की एक मात्र योजना कारगर होगी.समाज और राष्ट्र मे न्याय की स्थापना से ही प्रॉब्लम का शोळ्यूसन है . न्याय केवल संस्कारी मानव ही कर सकते है . संसद मे भेजे गये संस्कारी नेता ही मा भारती का भला करेंगे . सत्य और न्याय के मालिक की जय हो. ज़ाय मा भारती

  6. हर एक देशवासी का अच्च्छा भविष्य संसद मे मानवो को भेजने से होगा.मानव ही मानवता के कर्म करेंगे.समाज और राष्ट्र को बाटनेवालो को संसद से मीलो दूर दफ़न करदो I एक व्यक्ति , एक पार्टी , एक जाती , एक संप्रदाय के बस का रोग नही रहा है I मेरे देश के सच्चे लाड़लो,देशप्रेमियो एव सभी वॉटर्स संसद मे मानवो का बहुमत भेजकर देश को डूबने से बचालोI

  7. मेरे देश के बुद्धिजीवियों , सत्तासीन देशभक्तो बुरा न मानना कड़वी सच्चाई है . जिसे आप और हम सबको स्वीकार कर लेनी चाहिए की भ्रष्ट सिस्टम से सलेक्ट , भर्ती लोकसेवक तथा संस्कार रहित प्रारम्भिक शिक्षा इसके लिए पूर्णतया जिम्मेवार है. और इसका एक मात्र समाधान संसद में देशभक्त , मानव चुनकर भेजने से होगा . वरना देश डूबेगा . आप और हम कोई नहीं बचेंगे . सत्य और न्याय के मालिक की जय हो .

  8. मीडिया,नेता,लोकसेवको ज़रा सोचो,देश बचेगा तो आप बचोगे.देश की भोली-भाली जनता की भावनाओ से मत खेलो.सत्य,न्याय की स्थापना के लिए सब कुच्छ भी करो.वरना देश डूबने के कगार पर खड़ा है. देशद्रोहियो,भ्रष्टाचारियो को संसद से कोसो दूर दफ़न करदो ताकि लोकतंत्र के मंदिर पर इनकी काली छाया भी न पड़े. सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की जय हो.

  9. भरषटाचार के पैसो का गंदा खेल.


    1- इंसान को इंसान न समझे.

    2-औलाद बिगड़े.

    3- बुढ़ापे मे खुद की आत्मा धिक्कारे.

    4-गंदे शौक (आदते) .

    5- घर मे संसकारो का ख़ात्मा.

    6-न्याय खरीद-फ़रोक्त.

    7-नोकारियो मे अयोग्य लोकसेवको की भर्ती.

    8-न्याय के बिकने से नक्सलियो का जन्म.

    9-गंदे नेताओ का व्यवस्थपिका मे बहुमत.

    10-इह लोक के साथ-साथ अगले जन्म के लिए नारकीय जीवन पर्चेज.

    सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की ज़य हो.

  10. जागो—-जागो—–जागो–


    देश पर 1947 के बाद से सत्ता की कुर्सी पर बैठे नेता , भारतीय प्रशासनिक -पूलिस -फोरेस्ट – राजस्व अधिकारियो , न्याय की कुर्सी पर बैठे हुए सभी को सोचना चाहिए की देश मे ”सत्य और न्याय” को दल-दल मे धकेलने का ज़िम्मेदार कौन है ? सत्य और न्याय समाप्त प्राय: हो चुका है . श्री गंगानगर का हथियार लाइसेंस कांड , सेक्स सकेंडल कांड . मध्य प्रदेश का व्यापमा,पीएमटी घोटाला .ईमानदारो के दफ़न के कांड ,कीसानो की आत्महत्याओ के कांड ,ईमानदार पत्रकारो की हत्याओ के कांड आदि की ज़िम्मेदारी निर्धारित कर राष्ट्र मे सत्य की स्थापना करे . न्याय की स्थापना शीघ्र नही की गई तो देश डूबेगा ज़रूर . देश डूबेगा तो बचेगा कोई नही . सत्य और न्याय के मलिक की जे हो.

  11. मेरे देश के IPS , IAS , IFS etc. all indian service man चाहे तो देश बचा सकते ह . वरना देश का डूबना तो निश्चित हो चूका ह . क्योंकि न्याय की स्थापना असंभव लगती ह . सत्य की जय हो

  12. I see a lot of brighter days coming ahead with the below given points
    More bank accounts will be opened and banking system will improve and strenghtened
    Local, small and medium business will start doing business with proper invoices and pay taxes
    Real estate prices drop drastically and will be reachable to common man
    Politicians will campaign elections without money

    • You do not understand basic economics. Do you? Demonetisation will only have worse effect- will convert all black money to more of black money. No transparency as promised.

  13. U r right Sir.. But if we want Ram Raj in realty we have to bear with it, in my view what Modi did is right..
    I being a Muslim hated him since Gujrat riots, but t day he declined to wear t Muslim cap he touched my heart, as he is what he is, he doesn’t play the role of Congress of pseudosecularism… All have & r stabing t back, at least BJP has t guts to say that they hate Muslims… & may stab from t front which is acceptable…

  14. Mr Kathy I am too small a person to argue with you or comment on your post but permit me to disagree with you on one issue. Agree on casteism is a local issue that has to be tackled by ourselves by changing our mindset. However the Muslim problem is not local it is a global phenomenon that can’t be tackled at local level. I am an ordinary nonpractising but a proud Hindu and I am of the firm belief that the Hindu radical forces are only reactionary. Hindus are reacting to what I call initialisation of communalism for survival than service by the past regimes.


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