26/11 mastermind David Headley refuses to answer questions about his wife



After a gap of few weeks, 26/11 mastermind David Coleman Headley’s cross-examination resumed on Wednesday.

Headley revealed that Tahawwur Rana, his associate and a Pakistani native who operated an immigration business in Chicago, was aware that he was an operative of the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

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Here are some developments of the cross-examination as reported by ANI news.

  • Headley said that Tahawwur Rana knew about his association with the LeT.
  • Headley refused answer any questions pertaining to his wife Shazia Gilani.
  • To this the defence lawyer objected and said that he was running away from answering questions but prosecutor said that no one can be forced to give statement against his own wife as per law of privileged communication in evidence act.
  • To this, the court asked for more citation of law and then it will decide whether Wahab Khan can ask questions related to Headley’s wife Shazia or not.
  • Headley said Rana was not in touch with the LeT.
  • When Wahab Khan asked him about referring from some documents while answering questions of prosecutor, Headley said that he referred to his testimony before the Chicago Court in May 2011 for some 30 to 40 times approximately.
  • During his statement to prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam, he warned him not to switch off his mike during his cross examination as he did on previous occasions during his examination by the prosecutor.
  • Headley admits that before this conviction also, he had been convicted twice for drug smuggling in the US courts.
  • David Headley during cross examination in Mumbai Court says that he has given 60-70 lakhs to LeT

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