25 Indian students ordered to leave the US even as Prime Minister Modi arrives in Washington


Western Kentucky University in the US has ordered 25 Indian students to leave after their first semester as they did not comply with the university rules.

This development comes at a time when the Idian prime minister, Narendra Modi is visiting the US.

James Gary, the chairman of Western Kentucky’s computer science programme,was quoted by New York Times as saying that that “almost 40” of the students did not meet the requirements of their admissions, even though they were offered remedial help by the university.

Gary said that allowing the students to continue in the programme would “be throwing good money after bad.”

He argued that they were unable to write computer programs, a necessary part of the curriculum and a skill that United States schools teach to undergraduates.

Gary added, “If they come out of here without the ability to write programs, that’s embarrassing to my department.”

Expressing concern for the students, the chairman of the Indian Student Association at Western Kentucky University, Aditya Sharma, said, “I definitely feel badly for these students. They’ve come so far. They’ve invested money into it.”

The university, according to the report, said in a statement on Monday that the it had altered its international recruitment efforts in India. In addition to reviewing its advertising, the school is sending members of the computer science faculty to India to meet with students before offers of admission are made.

Under current terms of contract, the recruiting company was expected to be paid about $2,000 per student, but it would not collect all of that money unless the student remained for two semesters.

(Photo: NYT)


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