2,297 journalists killed globally since 1990, India 6th most dangerous place


As many as 2,297 journalists and media professional were killed in the last 25 years.

India, which saw the killings of 95 journalists in the same period stood 6th most dangerous place for media professionals.

Iraq ranked as the most deadly country for journalists, the International Federation of Journalists said today.

Journalists died in targeted killings, bomb attacks, in the cross-fire and kidnappings in wars and armed conflicts across the globe while others were killed by organised crime barons and corrupt officials, the IFJ was quoted by the PTI.

112 journalists and media professionals were killed in 2015 alone, although the peak year was 2006 with 155 killings.

“At least 2,297 journalists and media staff have been killed since 1990,” the report said.

With just one out of 10 killings investigated, the IFJ said failure to end the impunity for killings and other attacks on media professionals only fuels the violence against them.

“This milestone publication charts the trajectory of safety crisis in journalism and bears witness to the IFJ’s long running campaign to end impunity for violence against media professionals,” IFJ President Jim Boumelha said in a statement.

“These annual reports were more than just about recording the killings of colleagues,” Boumelha said.

“They also represented our tribute for their courage and the ultimate sacrifice paid by journalists in their thousands who lost their lives fulfilling the role to inform and empower the public,” he added.

The following countries accounted for the highest numbers of killings: Iraq (309), the Philippines (146), Mexico (120), Pakistan (115), Russian Federation (109), Algeria (106), India (95), Somalia (75), Syria (67) and Brazil (62).

“There were other reasons, often removed from the war theatre, for targeting journalists, many of whom are victims of organised crime barons and corrupt officials,” Anthony Bellanger, IFJ General Secretary who delivers his first annual report on journalists and media staff killed since his appointment last November.

“It is a recurring finding of our reports that there are many more killed in peace time situations than in war-stricken countries.”

Asia Pacific region recorded the highest death toll of 571, followed by the Arab World and Middle East with 473 killings, one more that the Americas (472) . Africa comes in the fourth position on 424 victims ahead of Europe with 357 dead.

In 2015, the Americas had the most fatalities (27), followed by the Middle East (25).

The IFJ called on government officials, security and military officers and others who deal with them to respect their independence.

(News source: PTI & IFJ website)


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