20-25% vote share transferred to Akali Dal and BJP to keep AAP out of Punjab: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister on Wednesday alleged that the polls in Punjab had been rigged leading to his Aam Aadmi Party’s defeat in the state.

Speaking to reporters in Delhi, Kejriwal said, “First and foremost, I strongly suspect that ours 20-25% vote share has been transferred to Akali Dal and BJP. As a result Congress has won. If they had made Akali and BJP win, it would have been very obvious because nobody would have thought of(their victory). They only had one motive as was evident from Arun Jaitley’s statement both before and after the polls. That at no cost should Aam Aadmi Party form the government.”

20-25 vote share akali

Kejriwal said that there was no chance of Congress winning the polls as even some exit polls predicted his party’s victory.

“There was no word of Congress coming to power… yet they swept the elections… really don’t know how that happened… They say EVMs are tamper proof. But our Supreme Court had said in the past that it is possible to tamper with EVMs. I’m not saying this, the Supreme Court said this.”

It was Kejriwal’s first media interaction after March 11, the day the Punjab Assembly poll results were declared. The AAP national convenor, however, did not refer to Goa where the party drew a blank.

Yesterday, he had written to the Delhi chief secretary directing him to approach the state election commission with the request to hold the upcoming municipal polls in Delhi using ballot papers.

Kejriwal demanded that the votes registered in EVMs (electronic voting machines) be compared with the VVPAT trail in around 32 places in Punjab where the the paper audit system was in place.

“It is about the credibility of the Election Commission and the faith of people in the electoral system. We have strong prima facie evidence of foul play,” he said.

Asked what explains AAP’s stunning victory in 2015 polls, Kejriwal said that may have got to do with BJP’s “over- confidence” that it would clinch a victory.

“So they may not have indulged in tampering. The same would explain the victory of JD(U)-RJD in Bihar. Even then BJP was very sure of winning the state,” he said.

Kejriwal’s allegations of EVM tampering come after the BSP supremo Mayawati made similar charges in the just concluded assembly in Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP won a historic three-fourth majority.

Mayawati had said, “The results in UP and Uttarakhand are surprising and not palatable to anyone…it seems EVMs did not accept votes polled for any party other than BJP. It is a matter of common discussion here that even if button is pressed for any other party, vote will be polled in favour of BJP.”

The BSP chief had claimed that a similar complaint was made by her partymen in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls but she had preferred to stay silent thinking it was Modi wave and anti-Congress sentiment.


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