2 men raping a woman isn’t gang rape: Karnataka minister George


Karnataka Home Minister KJ George on Friday stirred a controversy when he sensationally said that two men raping a woman doesn’t classify as gang rape.

George said, “How can you call it a gang rape? A gang rape is when four-five people are involved. We should condemn the people who did such an act.”

After the media highlighted his controversial remarks, apparently to gain TRP ratings, the opposition attacked George even as chief minister Siddaramaiah sidestepped the issue.

The remarks came when the media sought a response from George regarding the alleged gang rape of a 22-year-old call centre employee by two men at knife point in a moving van.

City Police NS Megharikh said that the woman, who belongs to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, was allegedly gang raped on the night of 3 October by the vehicle driver and the cleaner.

Police also said that for nearly three hours, the two men drove with the woman around deserted places of the Madivala area of Benguluru and raped her.

On George’s comments, former chief minister of Karnataka Yeddyurappa said, “George’s response, attacking the media, shows that the government is helpless and is in panic mode. Home Minister of Karnataka can’t react out of frustration when he has utterly failed to perform its duty.”

National Commission of Women Chairperson Lalita Kumarmangalam said, “Karnataka Minister is another example of someone not understanding the issue of violence against women, yet commenting on the matter thoughtlessly. Leaders in public life, especially those from political parties, should think before talking. We will send him a suo moto notice; let’s see how he replies.”

Sometime ago, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav had blamed girls for being raped. He had said, “First girls develop friendship with boys. They when differences occur, they level rape charges. Boys will be boys, they commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape?” 

In another controversial statement, Mulayam had remarked that “four boys cannot rape a girl. It is impossible. One commits rape and then four more are named.”


  1. Gang simply means an organized group of criminals. British have left us with english but seems like taken all dictionary with them


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