“257 people died in Bombay blasts, more than 100 convictions. 900 people died in riots before that, no convictions”


A TADA court in Mumbai on Friday convicted key mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai blasts case Mustafa Dossa and extradited gangster Abu Salem.
Dossa was convicted on charges of conspiracy and murder under various sections of the IPC besides offences under the TADA Act, the Arms Act and the Explosives Act, Salem was found guilty of transporting weapons from Gujarat to Mumbai ahead of the blasts.

He had also handed over to actor Sanjay Dutt– who was an accused in the case for illegally possessing weapons– AK 56 rifles, 250 rounds and some hand grenades at his residence on January 16, 1993. Two days later on January 18, 1993 Salem and two others went to Dutt’s house and got back two rifles and some rounds.

Earlier, the court had dropped certain charges against Salem in 2013 after the investigating agency –CBI– moved a plea, saying those charges were against the extradition treaty between India and Portugal.

The latest conviction of 1993 blasts that had killed 257 dead leaving 713 injured divided the Twitter opinions. While some hailed the court verdict, there were others who highlighted the glaring irony in how justice is delivered in India.

Many journalists and social media users were quick to remind how no convictions had taken in the Bombay riots that had taken place before 1993 blasts and killed over 1,000 people, mostly Muslims.

Photo : Tehelka

The anti-Muslim riots in Bombay had taken place soon after the 16th century Babri Mosque was demolished by the Hindutva zealots in Ayodhya.

Justice Shrikrishna Commission had made damning observations including involvement of key Shiv Sena leaders such as Bal Thackeray. But the successive governments of BJP-Shiv Sena and Congress simply chose to not act on the commission’s findings.

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