11-year-old boy dies after falling into well while fetching water


In a tragic incident on Friday, an 11-year-old boy fell into a deep well and drowned while fetching water in a drought-affected area in Maharashtra.

TV pictures showed villagers pulling Sachin Kengar out of the well in Beed district on Thursday and trying unsuccessfully to revive him.


Local journalist Manoj Satpute told the BBC that Kengar was trying to fetch water from a 60ft (18m) deep well in his village when he slipped and fell.

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This follows the death of another 11-year-old girl earlier in the week of heatstroke while fetching water from a village pump in Beed.

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According to estimate, more than 33 crore people across India are currently suffering from severe drought with nearly 256 districts up and down the country bearing the brunt of water crisis.

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Beed in Maharashtra, has particularly been hit hard due to scant rainfall and water shortages as half of its 1,403 villages are facing an acute water crisis.

(Photos- BBC)


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