107 dead, 230 injured after a crane collapse in Mecca’s Grand Mosque


Death toll in Mecca’s crane collapse incident has risen to 107 while more than 230 people are now reported to be injured.

Indian external affairs ministry has confirmed the death of two Indians in the accident.

A crane had collapsed in the Saudi Arabia’s Holy City of Mecca on Friday, the country’s Civil Defence Authority has said.

The civil defence authority tweeted in Arabic revising the figure on death toll and injured.


It’s still not clear as to how the incident took place but the social media is replete with graphic images showing many dead.

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One Delhi resident, whose parents are in Mecca to perform Hajj, told jantakareporter.com that he had spoken to his father and he was safe.

He said, ” my dad told me that there was a powerful storm and unusual rainfall in Mecca on Friday afternoon and that may have been responsible for the collapse of the crane which was being used for last minute preparation for Hajj.”

Indian external affairs ministry said that at least nine Indian pilgrims were among those injured.

MEA spokesman, Vikas Swarup tweeted;

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said he was sad over the Mecca accident.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too tweeted on Saturday morning express his condolences on the Mecca tragedy.

The collapse reportedly happened at 17:23 local time (18:53 IST), said Director-General of the Saudi Civil Defence Authority, Lt Sulayman Bin-Abdullah.

At least three millions Muslims from around the world will gather in Mecca to perform their annual pilgrimage of Hajj, which takes place in less than a fortnight’s time.

A stampede in 2006 during the Hajj had killed more than 350 people.


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