10 filthy tweets posted in past come to haunt BJP’s IT chief Amit Malviya


BJP’s IT chief Amit Malviya has been at the receiving end by his detractors on social media for quite some time. It’s not surprising why he’s been a whipping boy for his political opponents. That’s the price one pays for heading the social media unit of India’s ruling class these days.

But there have been other reasons too that frequently caused embarrassment to Malviya, more crucially his party, the BJP. It was, according to some, his own past as a vitriolic troll, who frequently used expletives against both ordinary Twitter users and the BJP’s political opponents, that contributed to the unending embarrassment of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party.

No wonder that when the saffron party decided to go jugular on the Congress party for its ‘chaiwala’ tweet earlier this week, social media users were nimble-footed in embarrassing the party about what many termed their own leaders’ ‘dodgy past.’

An old tweet of the BJP MP from Mysore, Pratap Simha calling his own senior party functionary, Prakash Javdekar, a****le was widely circulated on Twitter on Thursday.

But what has dominated the social media discourse in the context of the chailwala debate has been the unearthing of filthy tweets posted by Malviya in past. One of his recent tweets was targetting India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. In his tweet, posted with an image of Nehru affectionately hugging his sister, Malviya’s implied that loving one’s sister was tantamount to being a womaniser.

Fact-checking website Alt News carried a detailed report exposing Malviya’s mischief forcing him to delete his naughty tweet.

Here are the 10 most abusive or downright filthy tweets, we’ve dug out from Malviya’s past. Read them and wonder just to what extent the ruling party has taken the public discourse to.

















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