Healthy Superfoods usually ending up in Household Dustbins


What has today’s new cultivation techniques, plant construction, pesticides, and insecticides instilled soil brought to us? There is a popular way to reduce popularly known as Slimquick Pure, which according to experts is a “lip-smacking French Vanilla flavor coupled with protein and only eighty calories only, make Slimquick Pure a genuinely fantastic protein shake. The scientifically proven formula of this protein shake helps women lose weight three times faster. It has Allure green tea and choline extracted from sunflower together with probiotics. Nearly every woman deals with high stress which leads to erratic eating patterns and low metabolism. It makes it practically impossible to lose weight. The blocks don’t end here there are more, hormone imbalance, water retention, and fatigue which makes her hate workouts. Women are programmed to retain fat more than men. Slimquick Pure shake targets all these six blocks. It increases a woman’s metabolism, reduces appetite, and helps her relax. The benefits don’t end here it also helps combat water retention and hormone imbalance and boosts energy levels. According to the source, with it’s all natural formula it has no known side effects.”

Most certainly, low quality and tasteless fruits and vegetables and off-season mangoes, radish, carrots, melons and cucumbers which are even more harmful. Apart from a popular known way for faster results, there are many good ways to achieve the goal of consuming superfoods.

Amidst all, we devour the fruits and veggies, unlike our ascendants that would bite into anything edible as a whole, whereas, we only set our teeth and tongue on merely the sweet portion. Despite knowing that the peels, leaves, stalks, and pulp etc. have the most roughage content besides other vital nutrients, we end up trashing them.

Gobbling only fructose has brought many health problems with it such as increased weight, fatness, our body health wearing out, and diabetes. But when it is taken the way it is supposed to be taken, that is, the WHOLE fruit; along with its peels and stalks and pulp, the benefits magnify altogether. The highest amount of the fruits’ or vegetables’ vitamins, minerals and other unnamable compounds, antioxidants, pigments which have proven in weight loss, anti-aging, better blood circulation and an improved immune system.

There are various superfoods with their ‘with peel’ benefits out of which, a few, along with their usage, will be written here:


Potatoes’ skin is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, phosphorus, iron, and zinc which makes it the best for hair growth and a great source for eyes’ better health.

Recipe: Try ‘not’ peeling the skin off of the potato before turning it into wedges or fritters or mashed potato sauce.

Superfoods Which Shouldn’t be thrown in the trash


These vitamin C rich fruits have benefits beyond imagination and their peels have even more nutritional value. These serve as sugar stabilizers and dietary fibers with compounds like pectin and hemicellulose that ensure appetite suppressants.


  1. Grate lemon or orange zest in cakes, pancakes, biscuits for flavor enhancement and their health benefits.
  2. Cut the fruit into fine slices and use them in the salad, iced tea, lemon or orange juice.


Rich in bromelain, Pineapple cores add more nutritional value to the fruit that we eat. The stomach enzyme ensures digestion and detoxication.


Cut the fibrous core into cubes and freeze them in water. Use pineapple core ice cubes in water or juice for an after-meal digestive and refreshing drink.


Great for eyes; a source of weight loss; rich in serotonin, fibrous enough to control cholesterol, the best source of tryptophan an amino acid with most proteins, banana peels have it all.


Dry the peels and grind them in the mixer till it’s flakey. Take a spoonful of it and pour boiling water to enjoy a banana peel tea for a great night’s sleep.


Broccoli, a vegetable rich in most vital minerals: zinc, iron, manganese, and proteins serves as a great source for the protein with its stalks richer in Vitamin C and fiber, has been super beneficial and tasty used in soups or stir-fries.


  • 1 lb broccoli with its stalks leaves
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2-3 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • Sea salt (to taste)

Put butter in a heated pan and add garlic in the pan. Stir for three minutes. Put in the broccoli chunks along with its leaves and stalks. Add vegetable broth and sea salt (to taste). Keep it on the stove until the broccoli is soft and turn it into the puree with a hand blender.


Celery leaves, again, rich in fiber and vitamin C and minerals like Calcium and magnesium and cogent antioxidants can be used in salads, as food garnishing in place of parsley or coriander.


Squashes like- butternut or pumpkin or muskmelons are the richest founts of beta-carotene and zinc for better immunity and hair growth.


  1. Dried rinds are used in shakes and juices.
  2. Can be chewed on as they serve as potent antioxidants.
  3. Rind’s ground until turned into fine particles and then blended with hemp milk, vanilla essence, a pinch of rock salt, cocoa powder will turn out as smooth butter. It can be stored in a mason jar and refrigerated.


Its root skin enriched with allyl isothiocyanate, an antioxidant which improves the blood flow and fights the free radicals, thereby debasing the chances of cancer or heart problems.


Grate the radish after washing and without peeling its skin for its health benefitting properties.

Eat the radish with rock salt or pickle as a snack.


Enriched with 6 different antioxidants, garlic skin does not need any recognition of its health benefits. Improved blood circulation, digestion, cholesterol control, weight loss, fat burn are some of the advantages of both the garlic and onion skin.


Use these with their skin on for making broth or any recipe in a slow cooker for best-infused flavors and complete taste.


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