“Yoga in the opening ceremony, Gaumutra as drinks?” Twitter explodes with jokes after Ramdev’s Patanjali reportedly joins race sponsor IPL


The internet has exploded with memes and jokes after media reports claimed that Ramdev-promoted Patanjali has joined the race to replace Vivo in claiming the title sponsorship of this year’s IPL competition, to be held in UAE from 19 September. This was after the news agency PTI quoted Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala as saying that Patanjali was seriously considering securing the title sponsorship of the next edition of the IPL.

Ramdev's Patanjali

“This is for Vocal For Local and making one Indian brand as global, this is the right platform. We are considering into that perspective,” Tijarawala was quoted as saying.

No sooner did the news of Patanjali entering the race for the title sponsorship become public, Twitter exploded with memes and jokes with many predicting new additions to this year’s IPL games such as mandatory drinking of cow urine and yoga classes for players.

Vivo had earlier expressed its inability to continue its association with the IPL after the country’s right-wing brigade raised objections to the BCCI’s relationship with the Chinese mobile company. Vivo had signed a five-year deal to sponsor the IPL for close to Rs 2200 crore. The BCCI, whose joint secretary is Home Minister Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, had decided to retain the Chinese company as a sponsor, but Vivo left everyone stunned by making a quick exit. The news of Vivo dumping the IPL came as a huge shock for the BCCI bosses as finding a suitable replacement in the time of a global pandemic at such a short notice seemed daunting.


  1. People who tried to make fun of Baba Ramdev, should be ashamed of themselves, this one man single handedly created a swadeshi brand which is world famous. The whole world has acknowledged Yoga as the best therapy for disease prevention. Goimitra has been checked by NASA and find that it contains gold which is useful for improving immunity. Various products of Baba Ramdev are famous and cheap as compared to the other MNC products. It is Colgate which criticised clove oil,salt in toothpaste and is forced to acknowledge its usefulness by making Vedshakti. Those who are trying to spit on Baba Ramdev are trying to spit on Sun. I pity these rotten creatures

  2. How pathetically brain washed are we? We happily ridicule our own culture, while competely accepting and glorifying anything remotely western

  3. Great to see an Indian brand sponsoring a world class tournament. Those stupids criticising or memeing should introspect.


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