Wing Commander Abhinandan returns: Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan takes on TV anchors on media ethics like a boss


Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan was recently in news after she lashed out on Indian TV channels masquerading as news outlets. Reacting to a tweet by producer Vinta Nanda on falling standards of journalism in India, Razdan had said the news consuming public had already deserted channels such as Times Now, Republic TV and many others that encouraged who-can-shout-the-loudest contest in their TV studios.

“I wonder if they (editors of Indian TV channels) realise many people have switched to other channels long ago. Who wants to watch people yelling over each other anyway … impossible to understand a debate in such a manner,” Razdan was quoted as saying.

Razdan lashed out the Indian media, particularly TV channels again following their questionable coverage on the Indian Air Force officer, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. Reacting to a tweet by Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, which had termed the Pakistani government’s decision to release Wing Commander Abhinandan as ‘TITANIC WIN FOR INDIA,’ Razdan had simply said, “Idiots.”

Her reaction had come in response to actor Taapsee Pannu, who too had slammed Republic TV in her tweet, “What kind of reporting is this !!!?? Are we so delusional or we r being forcefully conditioned to accept a delusional perspective !!???”

She did not stop here. On Saturday India Today’s anchor Shiv Aroor attacked those who had congratulated Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for releasing the Indian Air Force officer. Aroor’s tweet read, “Two minutes silence for the asshats who were saying ‘Thank you, Imran’. You know who you are.”

Pat came Razdan’s reply, “We need a permanent silence from those irresponsible media houses who were beating drums and thumping chests. They know who they are :)”

Earlier a Republic TV anchor, Aditya Raj Kaul, had taken a dig at Pakistani media for being ‘puppet’ of the Pakistani military. He had written, “There is no media in Pakistan. Sadly, there are only puppets of DGISPR who shut their eyes when told to do so. Few brave journalists and writers who speak up truth to the power are kidnapped, killed or harassed so much that they are now exiled from home. Just PR. No media.”

Razdan had replied to him, “We’re getting there shortly if we haven’t already.”

What Kaul failed to realise was the irony in his tweet since his own channel has been blamed for throwing media ethics out of the window and being a puppet of the Centre’s Narendra Modi government.


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