Why is Arnab Goswami and his ilk not debating PM Modi’s recent absurdities, asks social media


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two utterances over the weekend have heaped more embarrassment on himself than all gaffes he has committed in the last five year put together. That’s perhaps due to the intense scrutiny of his sheer illogical approach to modern day science and his ability to utter any number of lies even during his carefully orchestrated TV interviews. His latest claims on cloud science and first to use digital camera and email even before their arrival in India have asked many to question the silence of Indian TV channels particularly Arnab Goswami.

Arnab Goswami

Modi’s latest lies coupled with his embarrassingly poor knowledge of basic science prompted many to ask the intellect of India’s so-called educated masses who’d elected him as their prime minister five years ago.

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Sanjay Singh, lashed out at the media for their silence as he wrote, “Dear members of the media. Put your hands on your hearts and ask if the same statement (cloud science, digital camera and email) was made by leaders from other political parties, then you would have been demanding that they be sent to the mental asylum. Arnab Goswami would have been raising this demand by standing outside a mental asylum.”

Modi in his interview to News Nation TV channel had said that experts wanted to postpone India’s air strikes inside Pakistan due to cloudy weather and incessant rain, but he was of the opinion that cloud and rainy weather conditions could help Indian jets escape the Pakistani radar system.

In the same interview, he had claimed to use the digital camera in 1987, long before the device arrived in India. Modi also said that he had used email to send his first photo from the digital camera in 1987, eight years before the internet came to India.



    You have proved that You have SOLD Your Soul by your Partial & Selective Reporting.
    You and Your Channel have ZERO Credibility amongst INDIANS.


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