When Salman Khan heaped praises on his ex Katrina Kaif


Saturday saw Salman Khan welcome his ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif on stage during the finale of his show “Bigg Boss.”

Contrary to the wide perception that the actor may have saved any hard feelings towards her, Salman heaped praise on the actress by calling her “one of the strongest women” he has ever known.

Katrina was on the show to promote her new film “Fitoor.”

This was the second time that the actress appeared on Salman’s show after her 2010 visit for the promotion of her comedy “Tees Maar Khan,” which had bombed at the box office.

However,  both appeared very relaxed with each other.

At one point Katrina told the “Bigg Boss Nau” finalists that she would have been nervous and broken down in tears if she was in their place, Salman interrupted to say, “Don’t lie. You are one of the strongest women I have ever known.”

“You were just 16-year-old when you came in the industry and reached so far. It is all your hard work, sheer hard work. If God asks me to choose between talent and hard work, I will pick the latter.” PTI quoted Salman as saying.

Katrina replied, “I also have talent, maybe a little,” to which the 50-year-old star replied, “When one keeps working hard, the talent keeps increasing. The whole country is in awe of you, including me! So, obviously you are talented.”

Salman’s compliment left the actress blushing.

The reality show’s ninth edition was won by contestant Prince Narula.



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