“We will not be restrained or terrorised anymore”: Arnab Goswami turns emotional, pens emotional note days after attacking Salman Khan with ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe


Arnab Goswami has penned an emotional note for his supporters after he was left overwhelmed by a group of people, who walked to express their solidarity for the Republic TV founder. This came just days after the TV anchor targeted Salman Khan with ‘senior citizen’ and ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibes.

A note by Goswami read, “To all those who walked for me and Republic, I am deeply grateful and overwhelmed. As you all know, the entire state machinery has been deployed against us. But what they cannot stop the citizens from doing is protesting peacefully, without breaking the law. Why were citizens questioned for walking in Mumbai? Is walking also a crime? How dare the police ask whether there was a conspiracy behind walking? We can all walk and talk freely anywhere in the country. We will not be restrained or terrorised anymore. This is a free country.”

Republic TV broadcast a video of a group of people walking by wearing T-shirts bearing Goswami’s photo. According to Republic TV, those staging a walk in support of its editor were stopped and ‘questioned’ by the Mumbai Police.

The development came amidst several senior executives of the channel facing intense grillings by cops in connection with the TRP scam. Republic TV claimed that its senior members had, so far, faced over 150 hours of questioning. Among those being questioned by the Mumbai Police have included Output Editor Sagarika Mitra, Senior Associate Editor Shivani Gupta was called in for questioning by the Mumbai police. Earlier, Republic TV’s Senior Associate Editor Shawan Sen and Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy were questioned on Saturday.

Goswami and his TV channel have been embroiled in TRP scam unearthed by the Mumbai Police. The Republic TV founder has denied the allegations and has threatened to sue Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh.

Goswami had also triggered a controversy by launching repeated attacks on Bollywood actor Salman Khan for his silence on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He had also used disparaging jibes such as ‘senior citizen’ and ‘Bigg Boss of drugs‘ for Salman, prompting the famous actor to take an indirect dig at the TV anchor.



      • Wait, matter in subjudice. Sofar she is only accused but not convict. Parambir gone mad by forgetting CrPC in that investigation. He will be paid for that soon.

      • Whether you bombed or not is to be decided by court. Police roke is to investigate and not pronounce judgement. They have to be seen doing so including interrogation and torture following statute or else police would start settlings it’s personal issues or those of its political masters as per their personal choice. For some Muslims it may be convenient from r them to justify such behaviour with pragya but she was eventuaslly acquitted so it looks wrong of police. Is you support such act today, sometime in future, one of your own muslim may also be framed using such illegality by another regime so you need to be neutral and issue based and not communal. If she were found guilty, mosi Hindus would share your sentiment too so we shoul avoid communal bias as it can backfire on us in future

    • Can’t we see neutrally without political or communal bias, issue based, that Mumbai police under the patronage of Aghadi has botched up disha Salian, Palghar, Sushant murder cases and are hand in gloves with Yes Bank. They are using brutal force and power to shamelessly go after Kangana, navy veteran and Arnab. Simple common sense. A wrong done to someone we may be biased against, tomorrow be done to us when the party or police at the helm change. So let’s not support wrong harassment or misuse of power to vent our bias against any individual.

  1. He is gone too far. He thought no body can question him with cheap journalism. I wonder who the people are walking for him.( it can be a another fraud manipulation).I think the police should teach him, what the true journalism is. He will learn. Congratulations to the Mumbai police.

      • I think you are asking this by your 70 years history and shahinbag inheritence. You have enough money to run fake all over india. But this is not like your case. We the people of India.

    • The job of the police force is to protect the people in accordance to the IPC and not to teach or take lessons. Instead of taking action against drug Mafia, Supari killers, area dadahs pursuing Vendetta action against the Republic news media is condemnable. Mumbai police are damaging themselves their image in public.

  2. The way in which hetried to subvert criminal proceedings in SSR case is nothing but yellow journalism. He should be tried for criminal contempt.
    He was smearing Rhea chk. with murdering SSR. It was proved to be wrong. He will do anything for money and TRP.

  3. This man can talk ill against others, do character assassination and declare one as culprit before investigation but if some one one question him he will create hue and cry. What type of journalism he advocates?

  4. Most dangerous for the fabric of nation.Govt should take action against him.Hate monger, TRP guilty etc.
    Media feels shame & abusive by Republic TV & Gobbar Goswami.

    • Where were you when the Antonio
      Maino, her siblings and party leaders raised indecent comments publicly on the Opposition leaders. The words Arnab used is still looks decent.

  5. He has gone mad better take few months off and then come back. He doesn’t has any ethics while reporting but feels bad if questioned.

    • Agreed! When he criticizes, all is well, but when someone criticizes him, he can’t handle it and turns emotional. Hypocrisy level be like👁️👄👁️

      • Truth is subjective. And there are always 2 sides to a coin. As a journalist, Arnab has the power to influence people, but when that power is exercised to incite anger, to instigate violence, then , even though he may be speaking the truth, his method will be questioned. He is massively ill behaved, and uses foul language while reporting. No one is asking him to stop, petitions are being submitted to make him change his style of reportage, not content. There is a very THICK line between a revolutionary and an anarchist, and Mr Goswami is the latter.

        • Very aptly written,Sir! You have actually put things in proper perspective… I wish there were more people like you commenting on such controversial issues ! Kudos🙏

        • You are misleading people, mr,Dey, when you say that.Arnab is telling the naked truth, dictatorship minded politicians hate him, they are using every political & administrative establishment to persecute him. Thank God, our country is a Democracy.

        • We hv endured enough, now it’s high time to expose these anti socials and antinationals. All allegations are substantiated with evidence, instead of questioning arnab they must take the culprits to task

    • Nicely said. Arnab almost turned mad. Also he doesn’t respect anyone . Only shouting like barking dog. He has selective panelist . He is.like road side monkey show person and the panelists
      4 to 5 of them dance like monkeys.

    • This is india emotional people’s,u first think the questions he asked about Congress right or wrong then comments

  6. We all common people have lost trust in the political parties and their justice to common man. Started feeling that all are on the same page. The biggest ruling party should find out the culprits in their own party and make public their names. A law should be passed that one person can contest election only once. What is going on. There is something wrong somewhere. Ruling party will have a big setback since common person has lost the faith in govt machinery be it state or centre.

  7. We are with you and we stand for truth..Hats off Sir we need more people like and biggest inspiration at the time of crises..We look up to you

  8. Emotions? He acted as if he did not care for others emotions every single day. Why should anybody care for this guy? He is an absolutely pathetic human behing who gets to extremely disgusting levels to insult others. I just hope karma kicks him as he deserves to be.

  9. This man is deeply depressed, frustrated, trembling, fearing, wetting, sweating and required immediate mental treatments. His and Republic Media time is over and they are going to be buried deep in to sea beds.

    • Every one should think nation and welfare of nation. No less no more. Republic is number 1 TV ch , propagate only truth. If there is no truth even ancient sage of golden era get angered.

  10. Truth Bites and its true for all Goswamis critics.Republic TV is doing what’s honest and just.Those who fight for humanity often fall prey to such ##

    • U r 100% correct. I agree with u. Republic channel is today’s most hypocrite and fake news channel of the day. They have zero courage to question the central radical Right-wing authorities

    • Dimag ka estmal kiya karo…Arnab ne ensaniyat ke naam pe kitno ko madad kiya..he is only broadcasting himself..study the truth then only comment

    • Mr Jyoti Ranjan you are right See How the Islamist, Communist, and anti-nationals are not ashamed to speak against Arnab. They cannot beat him with facts. They can only shout that they do not likes Hard Talking by a Journalist. They will call him arrogant, maniac but cannot bring facts to counter. I support a brae journalist who is fighting the lone battle against these shameless anti-nationals. #IamRepublic.

      • What facts. He also spread lies just like NDTV and zee news. But the lies fits your agenda that why anyone asks him question are anti nationals jidadi pakistani. Kitne din tak ye sab bologe?

  11. Now take part of your own medicine, till now he was defaming and shaming people without any proof, now he is facing curse of all innocent people whom he has blamed with out any proof, now he is trying to behind mumbai police, they are only investigating on basis of Fir, its the court who will deceide whether they are guilty or not

  12. Journalism at its lowest and a group of psychos doing a walk for a psycho. Arnab Goswami is a big joke and chief spokesperson of BJP bringing disrespect to the journalism profession . He can go to any extent to be in the good books of BJP

  13. No one is above law and should get punishment for any wrong deed. Let law work as per constitutation. If anyone think, it is Wrong, then courts are open. Let truth prevails..


    • Ok. Anrab abhi bhi congress se sawal pucha hai jo saata me nahi hai. Aur kitna expose karega congress ko. Lagta hai uski Roozi roti congress bashing se chal raha hai.

  15. You have been so strong Mr Goswami. We know how much of pain you and your team had to endure for being with people of India, for the common man. Path of truth is not easy, but one who conquers it, brings about a change, a turnaround. Best wishes with you. Pray for your well being

  16. To wringle out of the situation he has created ,now started emotional drama. As a journalist one should have expected decency ,dignity , decorum and balance of mind ,whatever his personal idealogy and affiliation. As a profession journalism has distinct traits and mannerisms.one cannot play to gallery on the name of journalism.

  17. This Banana Republic Editor boss is nothing but a puppet with barking habits so loud, I hate to even visit a minute for his News. Channel.whole day only news is shouting and yelling. He is two mouthed see his earlier 10 yr back Journalism. I used to be his Fan.He Changed his Coats , U can clearly see he has been purchased to sell some Political fekuS.Chat.

  18. I was watching Arnab when he was with other channel..but after his own channel..he has become arrogant and even don’t allow other speaker to speak. No discussions on economy or political issues…all masala issues.

  19. Arnab please look at the whole country. It’s worse than Mumbai. Sushant was a drug addict. Look at yourself Arnab looks like you have lost your mind. Sushant and his family are tich and can survive if you want to fight fight for some one who really requires help. Millions of people in India. You really are pathetic Varnan and the people who follow you.

  20. We the Assam people don’t need BowBow and Mumbai embrace him…meow meow!
    Keek barking but when you are tire, you will realise what kind of a person you were. Don’t always have negativity to others who don’t suits your way..In democracy you have the right to shout and it goes alongwith the right to remain silent.

  21. Arnab you are right thinking citizen of india with you.
    My family has whole hearted support for you.
    Ex Air Force ,kolkata 70084
    Fought 1971 war from Srinagar
    Air base

  22. It’s the responsibility of the central government to ensure that any obstruction to its citizen’s fundamental right as enshrined in the Constitution is seriously taken note of and dealt with a heavy hand to the extent of dismissing the state government if need be bcoz it’s the people and their fundamental rights is the most sacred asset in a democracy in its truest sense.

  23. This shit man deserve a lesson. So he is getting it. He use to bark lik a dog. Now he is acting to b a human # banrepublictv#banarnab

  24. All those walking in support are just as same to those who kept their TV on to increase R TV’s TRP. Paid peaceful walkers. LMAO

  25. Massive Supression of freedom of expression is dangerous for Indian democracy. People and press must be able to state the truth fearlessly and frankly in search of justice. That is what Arnab has been doing, which is sadly being targetted ruthless power.

  26. Once a great fan of AG. Ever since he started shouting, he is being obnoxious. He shouts and dies not let the party being asked the question answer, when someone tries, he drowns them, shouting. As viewer, ti me he rally sucks. He may hv a cult following but lost appeal in general. He declares someone guilty, obstructing justice. Thats not being fair. You are a mighty TV anchor. So small people can never fight you. But KARMA will prevail. If injustice has been done by you. Your punishments will happen in this world. Losing all sympathy for you. Please dont spoil people’s lives for cheap gimmicks.

  27. Arnab is the bravest journalist of New age India. The Antinationals, Communists, and Islamists are against him. He is fighting the lone battle for us. He is not like the corporate-sponsored journalist who has no courage to face the state machinery destroying democracy. They have blacked out Republic and spread fake news but We the New age Indians promise to blackout these media. Let the Antinationals be their viewers. I am with Arnab. #IamRepublic

    • See amit shah interview with news 24 and zee news. He also indirectly talked about his journalism style. And how it’s affecting the society..now don’t tell he is not taking about Arnab. He clearly says one should not air same news for months. So only Arnab aired ssr news for months. So now people boycott amit shah. Please yaad rakhna idhar fake news hi baat nahi ho rahi

  28. Arnab is not a journalist he is a kind of noisy rowdy. He doesn’t respect whatever post . He never search for truth just barking . Well he has to pay for it

  29. We stand with Republic and Arnab. He is the voice of the helpless common people and has courage to take on the mighties in politics and other walks of life who wants india to be destroyed at the earliest.

  30. Here there are the questions which were asked to Paramvir Singh.
    1) why there was no cloth on Disha Saliyan’s body.
    2) why there was no interrogation to her fiyonce who was in the flat.
    3) why no thorough investigation about the CCTV status? CCTV was not working for specific time?
    4) Why the CCTV footage missing from Sushanth’s apartment.
    5) why they not done proper investigation in the case?
    Last if Mumbai police is this much efficient, then why NCB is catching drug paddlers in Mumbai?

  31. What defamation? Of all the ifs and criminals manipulating the system and abusing the power vested in them to govern. If he is defaming, sue him. Who stops you from exercising your rights? Is Salman Khan poor enough that he cannot defend himself? This country needs millions of Arnab. Right or Wrong. Intent, Courage and hard work are rare commodity nowadays. Keep going Arnab. All the hypocrites are squirming in their graves…

  32. Although I don’t like his shouting or style of journalism, I even more dislike the partisan reporting of other channels against some communities.
    Arnab is a response to those one sided leftist journalists.
    Until left journalists are there Arnab should also be there. He is a much lesser evil. My full support to you Arnab.

  33. Arnab should name his channel as entertainment channel instead of news channel. He always lies. Banky channels are also a stain in the name of democracy, but the Republic is everybody’s father. Can journalism survive by fake debate in the studio and helping some party? You are a liar

  34. Gooswamy thinks with y+ security nobody can do anything to him. I salute the Mumbai police. Go after him . Let his conspiracy be shown to the nation.

  35. According to me, Arnab has courage to tell the truth unlike some of the sold out channels. He will come out cleanly. Parambir Singh is ab’ yes master’.

  36. Mr Arnab, there are other major issues to discuss for public benefit than the ones you are engrossed in..Why dont you debate about the price rise, unemployment and issues related to daily public life.Why are you so unaware and silent about it???

  37. Proud of Mumbai Police. This communal minded anchor spits venom as he speaks shit and crap. He behaves like a godi agent than a neutral moderator.

  38. Arnab you are our voice, we always support you and with you, you are the mouthpiece of aam Indian, anybody try to block it we block them. Thanks Arnab and Reublic TV. Sagar Mukharjee

  39. Arnab you are really Great, having Guts, which lacking in and around other journalist. Present media runs on dirty minds and pressurised by politicians. Police commissioner is targeting Arnab on wrong allegations. There is no authority to question him.
    I B ministry is under BJP. Why Mr. JAWADEKAR IS QUITE ?
    It’s high time to have PRESIDENT RULE in maharashtra.
    Or it will be too let to save DEMOCRACY.

  40. This guy thinks using his TV channel he will malign anyone and nothing will happen to him because he will claim freedom of the press. His time is also coming.

  41. V can c that there are many many people
    baying against The Republic indirectly & Arnab directly. It amused me no end to point out that if Arnab our his channel want doing such a Gr8
    Job, then who would have taken so much trouble 2 point it out & criticise him, because the bland fact is that he is the most brilliant eye opener in the freehold of journalism that has sustained immense assaults time and agn. No wonder the channel Trp is well over the others. Post 9pm, every1 times in2 Rtv. Look at it this way, wether u like it r nt, millions & millions of people have full faith in him and his Ch. Do u disagree? Pz watch something else that suits u better. He didn’t ask u2 watch his Ch. Let the rest of us watch him peacefully.

  42. Before I used to urge my children to watch news on TV but after republic surfaced I barred my child to watch news such a poor journalism by Arnab and his channel, his reporter said, mo*************d on live broadcast, so what can we expect from such channel, he is the crowned prince to make news channel into noise channel, shame on him, when he disgraces people it’s okay but when it bounces back he cries foul foul…. I personally feel he immediately needs a psychiatrist or if anybody accompany him to the psychiatrist he would get scolded as why you brought him (Arnab) so late, Get well soon My. Drugdo Goswami.

  43. Mr. Fake TRP is feeling emotional???
    He is always yell iut abt the truth.
    He needs to be arrested first, and then let the police get the truth out of him.

  44. The job of the police force is to protect the people in accordance to the IPC and not to teach or take lessons. Instead of taking action against drug Mafia, Supari killers, area dadahs pursuing Vendetta action against the Republic news media is condemnable. Mumbai police are damaging themselves their image in public.

  45. He deserves every bit of ruthlessness in the same manner he runs his shows. Despicable idiot of an agenda driven to politicize even why the sun rises in the east 🙄 🤣🤣

  46. Arnab Goswami is only getting what he deserves. When you hear him can make out he is completely stressed. He is a coward, using the public to fight for him . Cannot fight his own battles.
    I feel sorry for his staff because they are suffering. Crazy man get a life

  47. We should instead people should condemn Mumbai’s police commissioner and agadhi government if they are indeed arrogant and behave in vengeful manner whoever questions them


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