“We are in it together…Unity is our strength”: Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi visits Hindu temple with food supply amidst COVID-19 pandemic; Yuvraj Singh had supported his initiative


Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has earned plaudits on the internet after he shared photos of his visit to a Hindu temple to deliver food supply amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Also joining him was the legendary Pakistani squash player Jahangir Khan, a former World number 1 player, who won the World Open six times and the British Open on 10 occasions.

While sharing the photos of his relief work, Afridi wrote, “We are in it together and we shall prevail together. Unity is our strength. Visited Sri Lakshmi Narain mandir along with @JK555squash President @SAFoundationN to deliver essential food items. Ensuring #HopeNotOut پاکستان بھر تک, آپ کے گھر تک.”

Afridi also shared the link of his website where people can donate to help needy people during the global pandemic.

Afridi’s incredible gesture won him plenty of plaudits on Twitter. Sweden-based political analyst Ashok Swain wrote, “If an Indian Hindu Cricket Star would have visited a Mosque in Delhi to deliver food in #coronavirus lockdown, Hindutva Gang would have lost its mind (if it had one)!” Activist Rahul Easwar tweeted, “#Respect to @SAfridiOfficial For helping out #Hindu temple in #Pakistan.”

Earlier, former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh and his former India teammate Harbhajan Singh had to face the ire of Hindutva fanatics for recording video messages in support of a charity run by Afridi. Angry Hindutva fanatics had trended hashtag #ShameOnYuviBhajji on Twitter. Faced with a sustained attack, Yuvraj had to issue a public statement reiterating his loyalty to India.

The bilateral ties between India and Pakistan have been strained due to tension between the two governments. The two countries have not played a single bilateral series since 2012.


  1. Racists are covertly encouraged by the fundementalist ruling party to denigrate & orstracize liberal Hindu personalities while all the while persecute minorities on Any instance possible . While on the public relations front the loud talking cunning politicians will tout that everything’s normal in this so-called largest democracy , despite hate speeches by their legislators spreading hate & polarisation . , inviting condemnation from the international community who are not blind to the reality .


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