WATCH- With ‘HeToo’ video, Toshi Sabri ‘exposes’ singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa’s MeToo ‘lies’


Days after singer-music director Toshi Sabri denied Varsha Singh Dhanoa’s MeToo allegations, he has released what he claims is his HeToo video, where he is issuing a point-by-point rebuttal to Varsha’s allegations of sexual misconduct.

Toshi Sabri

Reiterating that he was a big supporter of MeToo movement, Toshi produced the voice notes and WhatsApp messages he had exchanged with Varsha. The evidence presented by Toshi appears to contradict Varsha’s claims that the former was the reason for her decision to never approach any music director in future.

In her video, Varsha had said that when Toshi sexually harassed her, she was engaged and she had made it abundantly clear to him. However, the WhatsApp chat and voice notes carried in Toshi’s video show that Varsha had indeed approached Toshi even after getting married.

One of the screenshots shared by Toshi in his video quotes Varsha as saying, “Do you not work with people who have got married?” To which Toshi is seen asking. “matlab? (What do you mean?)” Varsha allegedly says, “I was talking about myself.”

In the voice notes included in the video, Toshi is heard reacting with irritation as he says, “Varsha it’s not like that. I mean all of a sudden after many many months and years you come up with this line, I don’t understand. You’ve never been in touch with me. You never met me, professionally or personally… Anyway, when are you getting married.”

The next voice note has Varsha purportedly replying, “Oh ho, I have met you several times. I even recorded a scratch for you…I was just kidding when I said about being married. I got married in May. Don’t feel bad about my joke. I think I can crack jokes with my friend. Let’s meet and do let me know when you want to meet.”

Toshi replied, “I didn’t feel bad. May be I just landed after a long flight. That’s why I may have sounded irritated. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not. You should be a good singer and good human being.”

The next voice, believed to be of Varsha, replied, “That’s so sweet…I was just kidding baba. We shall meet soon, keep in touch.”

Last week, Toshi had broken his silence on MeToo allegations levelled by Varsha, who had accused him of sexual harassment on 17 October. Denying allegations, Toshi had written, “Legal step already been taken and video varsha Singh with evidence is releasing soon.”

While releasing his statement, Toshi had tagged Janta Ka Reporter on the microblogging site. He wrote, “I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the maliciously fabricated allegations, which are diabolically and viciously spreading using social media. Mrs Varsha Singh with her underlying agenda and with her vested interests she is spreading frivolous and scandalous story through an online post and social medium.”

The statement further added, “At the outset, I state that no such incidence has ever happened and I have sufficient evidence to prove my innocence. My legal team as per the law have responded to the allegation and soon I will bring all the evidence in public domain to show how I have been framed with hidden agenda under #MeToo campaign.”


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