WATCH- Twitterati are all smiles after hawker sells Chetan Bhagat pirated copy of his own book


Writer Chetan Bhagat on Wednesday shared a video of his conversation with a hawker selling books at a traffic signal. The video showed Bhagat buying his own book from the hawker, who had no idea that person buying the book was the author himself.

Chetan Bhagat

While sharing the video, Bhagat wrote, “This guy sold me my own book !? His reaction when he found out was so sweet. ♥️. I don’t support piracy (hurts me directly) but I also know it helps people like him make a living. I’d rather they sold original books at signals instead. Many do now!”

No sooner did Bhagat share the video, it evoked an overwhelming response from Twitterati with many showing praising the Indian author for his kindness towards the hawker even though he was selling a pirated copy of his book. Others advised Bhagat that he ought to have gifted him a signed copy of his book so that he could have sold it to the highest bidder.

As one user wrote, the hawker will never forget this memorable encounter of selling a pirated copy of Chetan Bhagat to the author himself.


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